Sweet Music: GF band earns top marks at assessment

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
The Green Forest High School band received straight superior ratings at the Region Concert Assessment in Harrison this March.
Photo by Tavi Ellis/Carroll County News

The Green Forest High School band received straight superior ratings at the Region Concert Assessment in Harrison this March.

Band director Sarah Taylor said the band received a superior rating in every category for its on-stage performance.

“The scores range from 1 to 5, with one being the highest and five being the lowest,” she said. “We got straight 1s on stage, and we got a 2 in sight reading.”

Taylor said the band played “E Pluribus Unum” arranged by David Shaffer, “Benedictum” arranged by John Stevens and “Ancient Ritual” arranged by Elliot del Borgo.

“I was really proud of them,” she said. “We picked more challenging music this year. Our goal has been to increase the difficulty level of what they’re doing. We knew that the risk of that was it could have gone the other way, but they stepped up and worked on learning the music. They did very well.”

Taylor said she was also proud of the middle school band for scoring a 2 in sight reading.

“They had never been to region assessment before, so we considered that a big success,” she said. “Things sound so different on stage, and they were mostly seventh-graders. I was really proud of them.”

The band seniors said they were excited to end their school music careers on a high note.

“After hearing we got straight 1s on our prepared piece, I was really excited,” said trumpet player Erick Ochoa. “We heard it was the first time Green Forest has gotten straight 1s. Although we got a 2 in sight reading, we did really well on stage.”

“I’ve been here for years, and this was really exciting to achieve,” said percussionist Kalyn Graves.

“One of the most challenging parts for us was making sure we were following the rhythms

correctly,” said cello player Trinity Tegley.

Tuba player Edward Herndon said a big part of region assessment is overcoming your nerves while performing on stage.

“You have to get through the fact that you’re being judged and being watched by dozens of people and just get down to making music,” he said.

Euphonium player Ian Quinn said he has enjoyed being part of such a strong music program.

“It’s just nice to put together a program like this because not a lot of people around here have a really large music program,” he said. “It’s really nice for people to hear great music and for us to get to play it.”

Taylor said the bands are now working on their end-of-year concerts, which will be held Thursday, April 26, in the Green Forest Alumni Center.

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