Hospital commission hears from architects on renovation progress

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Eureka Springs Hospital Commissions is working through the preliminary stages of renovating the historic building.

On Monday, March 19, the commission heard from Diane Adler of Bates Architects about how the process is going. Adler said her team recently found paperwork detailing the plans for the original building and all its additions, saying there are about 119 pages categorized by building. She placed that information on a CD and a thumb drive, Adler said, and presented one copy to the commission and another to Mayor Butch Berry.

“We’re not having to start from scratch, which is a good thing,” Adler said.

She said her team has been meeting with several different groups associated with the hospital over the past couple of months, starting with the public charrette meeting in February.

“That kicked off the planning effort,” Adler said. “We talked about visions and goals and discussed things that are absolute positives that need to happen and things that would be nice to do if the budget and space allowed.”

She’s also met with the individual hospital departments, Adler said, to gather information on function and operation of the building. Other meetings included individual members of the commission, Adler said, where she learned the commission completed the purchase of property adjacent to the hospital. Adler said the architects are finishing up work effort two, gathering information on the hospital through these many meetings.

“We’re pulling all that together and reviewing it so we can put together a space facility program department by department, area by area,” Adler said. “We’ll take a look at some areas to see if they have adequate space right now.”

One example of that, Adler said, is the radiology department. Patients must be taken to three different locations if they’re needing those services, Adler said.

“We’re looking at space and how it works operationally,” Adler said.

From there, she said, the architects will work on a concept plan for the renovations. That includes things like making the interior of the hospital appear cleaner, Adler said.

“There’s wonderful medical care there. There’s great services offered there,” Adler said. “We want to make sure we upgrade some of those finishes and get that feeling the community has.”

Treasurer Barbara Dicks present the financial report, saying the commission has a total of $2,270,593.71 including CDs and cash on hand.

The commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Monday, April 16, at the ECHO community room.

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