Runners compete in Victorian Classic

Friday, March 30, 2018

The 10k Victorian Classic took place on Saturday in Eureka Springs and 46 runners competed. Michael Scoggins won with a time of 41 minutes and 23 seconds. Jacquelyn Griffin finished second in 42:21 and was the top female finisher. Eureka Springs' Kayden Eckman finished third in 43:12, while John Nobles finished fourth in 44:04 and Abrena Rine finished fifth in 44:34. Stormy Phillips finished sixth in 46:29, while John Hughes finished seventh in 47:28. John Dolar finished eighth in 49:38, while Danny Tervol finished ninth in 50:59 and Phillip Berry finished 10th in 51:19.

Dan Breshears finished 11th in 51:49, while Sarah Cromley finished 12th in 52:19 and Cale Nicholson finished 13th in 55:28. Taylor Gregory finished 14th in 56:19, while Russell Bennett finished 15th in 56:49 and James Barker finished 16th in 58:35. Chelsea Jamison finished 17th in 59:04, while Bryanna Phillips finished 18th in 1:00:19 and Stephanie Kight finished 19th in 1:01:17.

Steve Wright finished 20th in 1:02:25, while Melissa Campbell finished 21st in 1:02:41 and Holiday Island's Judy Statton finished 22nd in 1:02:49. Justin Laughy finished 23rd in 1:02:57, while Isiah Kemm finished 24th in 1:03:03 and Jennifer Overmeyer finished 25th in 1:03:11. Susan Goertz finished 26th in 1:03:43, while Katie Helms finished 27th in 1:03:45 and Brett Reinhard finished 28th in 1:04:15. Tim Andert finished 29th in 1:06:28, while Eureka Springs' Nathan Coy finished 30th in 1:06:55 and Carroll Wright finished 31st in 1:07:31.

Tressame Holtzman finished 32nd in 1:08:04, while Michelle Orange finished 33rd in 1:08:30 and Jessica Franks finished 34th in 1:09:45. Thomas Beller finished 35th in 1:09:53, while Kathleen Purduski finished 36th in 1:10:43 and Jeff Goertz finished 37th in 1:13:54. Paul Butry finished 38th in 1:14:34, while Wendy Reinhard finished 39th in 1:17:14 and Dennis Morgan finished 40th in 1:18:27. Kevin Cook finished 41st in 1:18:37, while Eureka Springs' Kathy Manus finished 42nd in 1:19:19 and Susie Christy finished 43rd in 1:19:53. Eureka Springs' Ken Smith finished 44th in 1:21:36, while Chad Vanskiver finished 45th in 1:22:06 and Kelley Vanskiver finished 46th in 1:22:07.

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