Good Shepherd board to have quarterly after-hours meetings

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Good Shepherd Humane Society has changed some meeting times to accommodate those who can’t make regularly scheduled meetings

On Wednesday, Feb. 28, the board agreed to meet at 5:30 p.m. quarterly beginning in March. The reason for the new time, president Jay Fusaro said, is to make it possible for those who work to come to the meetings. The board will meet at 5:30 p.m. on March 28, June 27 and Sept. 26. Regularly scheduled meetings will continue at 1 p.m. for all other months.

Also at the meeting, Nan Johnson presented information on the animals she has fostered for Good Shepherd. Johnson said she and her husband have fostered 64 animals over the years.

“I love fostering and I don’t regret any of it. It works out great,” Johnson said. “I know it really makes the staff’s hearts lighter to know the animal is being smothered with love and care and healing. They just don’t have 80 hours a day to sit and rub Wilma’s head and hear her groan in pleasure.”

Shelter manager Sandra Mittler presented the shelter report for January, saying the shelter took in three dogs, five cats, one puppy and two kittens in that time. The shelter adopted out four dogs, one kitten and one cat, Mittler said, with one dog and two cats being returned to the shelter. Adoptions are way down for the month, Mittler said.

“Our only explanation besides the time of the year is the weather. It was very snowy and icy,” Mittler said. “We basically did not have foot traffic. There just weren’t people coming in. We do realize we have a lot to make up for in the next 10 months.”

A low number of adoptions means the shelter can’t take in as many new animals, Mittler said.

“If we are not having the animals leave the shelter, then we don’t have the space to bring them in,” Mittler said.

Good Shepherd will have its first Rabies Clinic of the year, Mittler said, on Saturday, April 28, at the Berryville Thrift Store. Thrift store manager Janet Chupp presented the thrift store report, saying the stores missed the budget in January but were on track to make up for it in February. To help the stores thrive, Chupp said, citizens can drop off bar codes from Best Choice products.

“If you keep the bar codes for us, we get cash for them,” Chupp said. “I have to send them in 1,000 at a time, so as soon as I send them in, we can get some cash. It’s a nice little bonus for a little bit of effort.”

Treasurer Mark Minton presented the financial report, saying revenues are down and expenses are up for the year. That’s largely because Good Shepherd has changed the way it pays insurance, Minton said, from monthly payments to a cash basis.

“This year, we’re doing it on a cash basis. We pay it out and that’s the month we take the expense out of,” Minton said. “The bottom line is by the end of the year, it’s all going to equal out. It’s a little more accurate for our cash flow.”

Fusaro helped find less expensive insurance, Minton said, which will save the shelter between $2,000 and $3,000 this year.

“The insurance thing is going to be bumpy explaining it, but we’re going to come out ahead,” Fusaro said. “It’s really good news. Optically, it looks awful on the financial statements because we’re incurring it all now on a cash basis, but it’s good for us.”

The board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 28, at the meet and greet room at the shelter.

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