GF track team competes in Fayetteville

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Green Forest Tiger track team competed at the Y Timing Invitational on Thursday, March 1, in Fayetteville. More than 30 teams competed. The boys finished 12th and the girls came in 14th. Individual results are as follows:

Boys 100-meter dash: Green Forest's Kevin Solorzano finished 67th in 12.41, while teammates Braden Smith finished 87th in 12.72 and Gage Lowe finished 95th in 12.88. David Aguinaga finished 116th in 13.40, while teammates Greg Wyatt finished 119th in 13.49 and Caleb Marroquin finished 120th in 13.52. Green Forest's Carter Boggs finished 127th in 14.55 and Garret Tindyman finished 130th in 17.41.

Girls 100-meter dash: Green Forest's Mattie Phillips finished 65th in 15.09, while teammates Lexey Williams finished 73rd in 15.49 and Alissa Smith finished 79th in 15.71. Lauryn Veach finished 96th in 17.09, while Alyson Bruegel finished 98th in 17.21 and Emily Aday finished 100th in 17.79.

Boys 200-meter dash: Solorzano finished 61st in 26.45, while Lowe finished 87th in 27.45 and Wyatt finished 101st in 28.73. Braden Smith finished 102nd in 29.22 for Green Forest and Marroquin finished 104th in 30.07.

Girls 200-meter dash: Green Forest's Kassidy Bell finished 37th in 30.94, while Phillips finished 38th in 30.99 and Veach finished 70th in 34.84. Aday finished 77th in 36.88 and Bruegel finished 82nd in 38.43.

Boys 400-meter dash: Green Forest's Lexington Hilton finished 36th in 56.99, while Lowe finished 85th in 1:02 and Wyatt finished 91st in 1:03. Braden Smith finished 95th in 1:04, while Green Forest's Jordan Chuc finished 99th in 1:05 and Marroquin finished 106th in 1:09.

Girls 400-meter dash: Green Forest's Lyndsay Anglin finished 43rd in 1:12, while teammates Aday finished 73rd in 1:21 and Bruegel finished 76th in 1:26.

Boys 800-meter run: Hilton finished 13th in 2:12 for Green Forest, while teammates Chuc finished 82nd in 2:43 and Aguinaga finished 89th in 2:47.

Girls 800-meter run: Karina Maravillas finished 15th in 2:44 and Anglin finished 35th in 3:01.

Boys 1,600-meter run: Hilton finished sixth in 4:50 and Aguinaga finished 106th in 6:15.

Girls 1,600-meter run: Maravillas finished 13th in 5:54 and Jennifer Martinez finished 25th in 6:20.

Boys 3,200-meter run: Hilton finished 10th in 10:50 and Chuc finished 28th in 14:19.

Girls 3,200-meter run: Martinez finished sixth in 13:25.

Boys 110-meter hurdles: Solorzano finished 30th in 18.37.

Girls 100-meter hurdles: Alissa Smith finished 13th in 18.97, while Williams finished 17th in 19.20 and Bell finished 18th in 19.23

Boys 300-meter hurdles: Slorzano finished 30th in 47.41.

Girls 300-meter hurdles: Bell finished 16th in 55.49, while Williams finished 28th in 1:03 and Alissa Smith finished 29th in 1:04.

Boys 4 x 100 meter relay: Green Forest finished 13th in 55.01.

Girls 4 x 100 meter relay: Green Forest finished eighth in 58.39.

Boys 4 x 400 meter relay: Green Forest finished sixth in 4:32.

Girls 4 x 400 meter relay: Green Forest finished sixth in 4:57.

Girls 4 x 800 meter relay: Green Forest finished eighth in 11:56.

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