Mercy Ball breaks records, raises $80,000

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mercy Hospital Berryville’s 15th Annual Black and White Charity Ball broke records across the board this year.

Cody Qualls, executive director of Mercy Health Foundation Berryville, said the event raised a total of $80,096.

“It was the greatest night we’ve ever had as far as fundraising goals,” Qualls said, “but it was also the greatest night we’ve ever had as far as total sponsors and total attendance.”

This year’s Black and White Ball had 32 sponsors and 247 guests, he said.

Qualls said Mercy had hoped to raise enough money at this year’s ball to purchase a DSD Edge Machine.

“Another way of saying that is an endoscopy processor,” he said. “Basically, that’s a dishwasher for our endoscopies because our scopes are one of our busiest areas as far as our surgery department is concerned.”

Qualls continued, “We had hoped to also purchase one or two eye gurneys for our surgery department, which would allow Dr. Patrick Collins, the ophthalmologist who visits us, to perform his surgeries in the most efficient manner.”

Because the ball exceeded fundraising goals, he said Mercy is now planning to purchase the DSD Edge Machine and four eye gurneys.

“This will mean less downtime for patients,” Qualls said. “The four eye gurneys will help make the entire operation easier while we’re doing the eye procedures. After the procedures, patients have to be placed on these specific gurneys.”

He continued, “If we’re limited in the number we have, it can slow down the entire process. This will allow us to see more patients in a more streamlined manner.”

Qualls said he would like to express his appreciation to the entire community for the support Mercy received at the Black and White Ball.

“When you look at the records broken across the board, it really is just magnificent,” he said. “A record number of sponsors and a record number for attendance leads to a record number of fundraising dollars.”

Qualls said the support goes both ways.

“It’s clear that Mercy is extremely committed to the community when you look at some of the things Mercy has done in the last year,” he said, “including hiring seven new providers and opening the convenient care clinic.”

Qualls continued, “In turn, it’s very clear that the community is also committed to Mercy and maintaining a very high level of healthcare for our friends and neighbors.”

He said Mercy’s mantra for rural healthcare is “quality care close to home,” and the annual Black and White Ball and community support help make that vision a reality.

“This event continues to help us achieve advances in technology that help ensure the continuance of quality care close to home,” Qualls said.

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