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Scott Loftis is managing editor for Carroll County Newspapers. His email address is CarrollCountyNews@cox-internet.com


Ready for spring

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Itís been a mild winter in Carroll County, most folks would agree. But itís still winter, and I still hate it.

I hate winter for a lot of reasons, not the least of which are the cold and dark. As a matter of fact, the darkness is probably my number one complaint about this time of year. People need sunlight, and there just isnít enough of it this time of year. Of course, the days are already getting longer, but I wonít be happy until we spring forward in a few weeks.

The cold is more of an aggravation than anything. In fact, Iím pretty hot-natured (Iím sure it has nothing to do with my extra padding) and Iím not too bothered as long as it stays above 40 degrees. I have my window open and a fan blowing almost every night of the year. But we went through a stretch this winter where the high didnít seem to get above 20 for about a month. That kind of cold just isnít cool.

Another reason I hate winter is that itís the season of sickness. In 2016, it seemed as if I was sick for two months with a nasty respiratory infection. I dodged the bullet last winter, but I spent Christmas Day of 2017 on my couch with a fever and chills. Seriously, how can you be burning up and freezing at the same time?

Just about the time I started to feel better, I woke up in the early-morning hours of New Yearís Day with a sharp, constant pain in my back. Iíve had enough kidney stones to recognize one immediately, and I wound up spending several hours in the emergency room at Mercy. After a couple more days on the couch, I finally started feeling better. I guess I canít blame winter for a kidney stone. Or can I?

As if I didnít have enough reason to be grumpy about winter, January in particular is a pretty tough month for me. My mom died in January 2005. Four years ago, my ex-wife also passed away in January. I would be OK if we just skipped that month every year.

As we head into March, winter isnít over yet. We may still see some snow and ice. But we also will see more beautiful days like Sunday. Soon, flowers will start to bloom, weíll set our clocks forward, and umpires will yell ďplay ball!Ē Then we can forget all about the cold and the dark ó at least until November.

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Scott Loftis is managing editor for Carroll County Newspapers. His email address is CarrollCountyNews@cox-internet.com.