Letter to the Editor

An honest citizen

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dear Editor,

Today with so much theft and disregard of property being reported, we thought perhaps you would like to hear a different story.

Earlier this month, a citizen made a trip to the Mercy Thrift Store in Green Forest to leave a donation in the drop box at the back of the store. It was one of those days when ice had closed the area schools. When the schools are closed due to bad weather, the Thrift Store is also closed.

The citizen was unable to stop the car and really did a number on the drop box. Now, this person could have just backed up and left without us ever knowing who was responsible for the destruction of the drop box.

Instead of remaining anonymous, this citizen left us contact information and a very detailed note stating what had happened and that they were willing to pay to replace or repair the damaged drop box.

Without embarrassing this citizen, Mercy Hospital Berryville Auxiliary Board would like to commend this person and thank them for their honesty. This is the type of person we appreciate and enjoy serving.


Mercy Hospital Berryville Auxiliary Board