Green Forest's season comes to an end

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Green Forest's season came to an end on Monday in the first round of the 3A-1 East district tournament in Valley Springs. The Tigers lost 75-43 to Clinton.

"We just came out flat and didn't play well," Green Forest coach Donnie Smith said. "I think maybe our previous three games that we played back-to-back caught up with us. I don't know if that was it or not, but we were flat and just didn't have a good game. We didn't have the hustle and intensity we had the other three games. That was our biggest issue and is what hurt us the most."

The Yellowjackets led 26-11 at the end of the first quarter. Green Forest's Clayton Smith made two three-pointers.

Smith knew that a key going into the game was stopping Avery Bramlett, Clinton's big man down low. Bramlett was held to 12 points.

"He didn't score a whole bunch of points, but he occasionally got away from us and he was able to score on us because we didn't have him guarded right," Smith said. "We did an OK job of that, but our biggest problem was turnovers in transition. We would run into a bad spot on the court with their halfcourt pressure and we would turn the ball over and there wouldn't be anybody back to contest a layup. They got five or six easy buckets doing that."

Clinton led 48-18 at halftime. Rhett Powell made two three-pointers in the second quarter and had nine points in the first half.

Smith said it was a disappointing end to the season, but as the year went on he realized his team would never give up.

"Our kids are resilient," Smith said. "They had a lot of stuff going on this year, but they were able to stick in there and stay with it. They didn't give up. They kept fighting and chipping away even when things weren't going on our way."

Powell finished the game with 14 points and Smith had 12.

Smith is already looking forward to getting in the gym and preparing for next year.

"We are going to be working on fundamentals and how we play and communicate off of each other," Smith said. "We also need to get a better understanding of our team defense."

Green Forest finished the year 4-23.


Melbourne 60, Green Forest 34

Green Forest ended the season with a disappointing 26-point loss in the first round of the 3A-1 East district tournament on Tuesday in Valley Springs. Coach Kyle Farrar is proud of his team for playing with so much effort, though.

"It wasn't anywhere near what the final score ended up being," Farrar said. "With about two minutes to go in the third quarter they got a little run on us. Made a few shots, got some and ones and we missed a few shots. All of a sudden it was 41-28. It wasn't a 30 point game. I'm not taking anything away from them because they have five or six kids that can really shoot the tar out of the ball. But for anyone to look at the score and say they ran us off the floor, that couldn't be further from the truth."

The Lady Bearkatz led 14-10 at the end of the first quarter. Green Forest's Kelsey Phillips had six points in the first quarter. Farrar said his team struggled with the Melbourne press throughout the game.

"We had way too many turnovers against the press," Farrar said. "It bothered a lot of our kids. It bothered all of them, but some more than others. We just didn't get enough shots in the game. We shot a higher percentage than them from the field. They just shot a lot more because we turned the ball over so much."

Melbourne led 33-21 at halftime and Phillips had 10 points in the first half. The senior finished with 16.

"They were being really physical inside with Kelsey and Ashley (Farrar) and Daisy (Padilla), Farrar said. "Kelsey was able to play through a lot of that and have a really good game to go out."

It was the final game for Rachael Evans, Wendy Zamora, Brook Wilson and Phillips. Farrar will miss each of them.

"I told them I was extremely proud of them," Farrar said. "Every team on our schedule, we played with at least once. We got run out of the gym a few times, but against those teams we came back and showed them that wasn't who we were. These kids made strides we hadn't made in several years. For anybody to say that team didn't get better this year and play their hearts out, they didn't watch closely."

To go with Phillips' 16 points, Farrar had 15.

Green Forest finished the year 8-21.

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