Reece: GF working to create new housing

Friday, February 16, 2018

New housing is a big need in Green Forest, and the city is working with the community to address it.

Mayor Charles Reece announced at the Green Forest City Council’s Tuesday meeting that the city, area banks and a developer out of Fayetteville are working on a housing project.

“It’s very important because we need housing in the worst way in the city of Green Forest,” he said, “and in Carroll County. It’s not a done deal yet. We’re meeting every two weeks with people with Tyson Foods, the bank and the city.”

He said there will

probably be new housing in Green Forest in the next two to three years.

“We’ll keep you posted as things develop,” Reece said. “It’s pretty exciting for the city of Green Forest and the employees of Tyson who want to buy houses.”

The council also voted to transfer $15,000 from the General Fund to Local Police and Fire Retirement (LOPFI) and to transfer $500,000 from the wastewater fund into a certificate of deposit (CD).

“We’re taking $250,000 from the wastewater savings account that has almost $3 million in it,” Reece said, “and $250,000 in cash in the bank for a total of $500,000. They had a pretty good interest rate for the CD, and we might as well use our money appropriately.”

The council also voted to award the contract for the annexation of a sewer line to AR Trison, which had the lowest bid at $669,153.24.

“That’s considerably less than what was initially estimated,” Reece said.

Alderwoman Willa Kerby asked if the city could help the Green Forest Lions Club finance the remaining chutes needed for the Green Forest Lions Club Rodeo.

“The Lions Club has fixed up three chutes at the rodeo for $3,500,” Kerby said. “We need six to complete the number of chutes we need. I was hoping we could find $9,500 for six more chutes to complete that.”

She said the Lions Club has been paying $1,500 a year to rent the chutes and needs $9,500 to get all six chutes.

Reece said the city will look into financing the project.

“What we’ll do this week is we’ll get with the council, and, if you all approve it after consideration,” he said, “then we can approve it by phone and put it in the minutes for next month.”

The council’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 12, at City Hall.

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