Creative writer: GF senior wins sixth place in ATU contest

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Green Forest senior Angelina Hudson won sixth place and a $500 award in Arkansas Tech University’s Creative Writing Contest.
Photo by Tavi Ellis/Carroll County News

Green Forest senior Angelina Hudson won big bucks with a short story.

Hudson submitted her story to Arkansas Tech University’s Creative Writing Contest, winning sixth place and a $500 award.

“I was very surprised,” she said. “My friend went to the awards ceremony and said ‘You won! Why didn’t you go?’ I got my notification late, so I didn’t know in time.”

Hudson said students could submit either a short story or a chapter from a book they had written to the contest.

Hudson said her short story is set in a 15th Century village where a father is trying to do everything he can to make his daughter look nice for a festival where she will potentially be asked to get married.

“All the things go wrong no matter what he does, but his daughter still loves him,” she said, “even though she probably won’t get married because they don’t have a lot and she’s very poor. She still loves him, and all the fine things in life don’t matter.”

The challenging part, Hudson said, was figuring out how things would go wrong for the dad in the story.

“I could come up with all the nice stuff he was going to do for his daughter,” she said, “but it was really hard coming up with ways he would fail. I ended up deciding ‘Let’s have a bird tear up a dress or something.’ It kind of seemed ridiculous.”

Her favorite part was writing the ending, she said.

“Getting to the ending where the father sees his daughter wearing all the torn-up stuff and thinks she’s crazy was fun to write,” Hudson said.

She said she will attend Arkansas Tech after graduation and seek a bachelor’s degree in creative writing.

“They’re the only one in Arkansas to have that,” Hudson said. “I will attend Tech because they have a great writing program. I want to be a series author, sort of like J.K. Rowling Jr.”

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