Snow disrupts local schedule

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Green Forest's Kelsey Phillips puts up a shot during a game earlier this season.
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Snow has caused havoc local sports teams. Tuesday's basketball games were canceled and teams were unable to practice on Monday and Tuesday.

"Wednesday was the first time we have had a chance to get our kids in the gym," Berryville coach Brent Compton said. "When the roads are like they are, you don't want to get anybody hurt. You don't want the kids to get out on the road and have something happen so we waited until yesterday to get the kids in the gym. We are glad to be back in school today because we have a big game tomorrow at Yellville, a team that we beat at the buzzer earlier in the season at home."

Watching the team in practice, Compton could tell it had been a few days since the Bobcats had been in the gym.

"You could tell we had been away from the gym for four days so I'm hoping we can get going again today and have a better go of it," Compton said. "Normally, it's a rule of mine that I don't want to give my kids more than three days off at a time. It just seems like after three days you lose conditioning, your shot starts becoming affected and it throws you off your routine."

Because of the snow, the Bobcats will play three games next week. Compton hopes playing those three games will strengthen his team as the season comes to a close.

"You never know when you might be faced with rescheduled games or back-to-back game situations in tournaments," Compton said. "You find out how tough you are mentally and physically when you have to do this. I feel like we have already done this, so we aren't going to dwell on it. We are just going to move forward."

Green Forest was also able to practice on Wednesday in anticipation on Friday's homecoming game with Huntsville. Coach Kyle Farrar said it has been an unusual week, though as the school was shutdown on Thursday as well for frozen pipes.

"It throws everybody into a loop because it forces everybody into playing three or four games at the end of the year, but we have been through this before," Farrar said. "You have to do the best you can to get back in a rhythm and get ready for the next day. You might have four games in a week. Unfortunately, there are several people in the situation, but we are all going to have to do the same thing."

Farrar said it's important to get his girls back into game shape as quickly as possible.

"With the schedule being thrown off like it is, instead of having two or three days to get ready for your opponent, you might have one," Farrar said. "It's getting the kids to buy in and being ready to play. That's what it is for the next two weeks. Get your head on straight and be ready to play at any moment."

Eureka Springs wasn't able to practice until school was back in session on Thursday. The Highlanders have a conference game at Kingston on Friday and coach Brian Rambo said it's important his team come ready to play.

"We have to get in the gym today and make sure we are locked in," Rambo said. "We need to have a good, productive day of practice because we have to turn around quick and play a real good basketball team in Kingston, a team that beat Alpena by eight last week."

Having not seen his team together since last Friday's loss at Western Grove, Rambo was apprehensive as to how his team would look when they hit the practice floor on Thursday.

"The last time we were together, it was the first game we had everybody healthy in a long time and it resulted in a loss at Western Grove," Rambo said. "You kind of worry about what their mentality is going to be like. We weren't able to come in and address things Monday morning, but it is what it is. We don't have control over the weather. And we have done this before. I think we will be OK, but we have to get in today and get locked in."

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