BV cheerleaders going to London

Thursday, December 28, 2017
Berryville's Anna Brooke Dalton (standing) and Mary-Kennedy Jackson are heading to London to participate in the New Year's Day Parade.
Tavi Ellis / Carroll County News

Mary-Kennedy Jackson and Anna Brooke Dalton will be representing Berryville in London's New Year's Day Parade. The two cheerleaders will fly out of Kansas City on Tuesday and land in London on Wednesday.

Their main agenda is to cheer in the parade on New Year's Day, but they are looking forward to taking in the sights as well.

"We are getting to see a lot of the tourist stops like the London Eye, Big Ben, The Tower of London and Windsor Castle," Jackson said. "We are hoping to add in some other things while we are there."

This will be Dalton's first trip overseas.

"I have never got to do anything like this, so I'm super excited to get my first stamp on my passport," Dalton said.

Jackson looks forward to representing her city well while overseas.

"We are proud to represent Berryville and even America while we are over in London," Jackson said. "It's a tremendous honor."

There will be nearly 700 cheerleaders from the United States performing at the New Year's Day Parade. Dalton has spoke with one of them from Missouri, but they are both looking forward to the opportunity to meeting new people.

"Cheerleading is something we have always enjoyed doing and getting to meet others who share that passion will be a great experience," Dalton said.

The Berryville cheer team went to Hot Springs last summer to participate in a cheer camp. The team did very well, but Dalton and Jackson stood out to members of the National Cheerleaders Association, who gave the duo a chance to qualify as All-Americans. Qualifying as All Americans gave them the chance to make the trip to London.

"We go to our cheer camp in the summer and we have to try out," Dalton said. "The tryouts consist of a cheer, a tumbling pass and a jump. They give you points for that and a certain amount of points gets you All-American."

Berryville cheer coach Ciera Woodruff is proud of what her two cheerleaders were able to accomplish.

"When I was in school I was nominated for All-American and I was All-American a couple of years, but I never got the chance to go and travel so I'm excited to see their pictures and hear their stories," Woodruff said. "I'm super proud that we have two cheerleaders that are getting to do this and represent our school. I couldn't have picked better girls to represent us."

The 700 performers will be divided up into four groups along the parade route. Jackson and Dalton have already began practicing the New Year's Day routine.

"They sent us a video of the routine and we just have to learn it," Jackson said. "They will switch it up a little bit when we get there. We will have about two hours of practice time as a group before we perform it, too."

The Berryville cheerleaders will perform this cheer during Thursday's Holiday Hoops Basketball Tournament.

"There are a lot of ripples," Dalton said. "It's basically a dance and there will be some stunting along with it."

The parade will be streamed live at 6 a.m. Monday, Jan. 1

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