BV ends semester with a road loss

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Berryville Bobcats suffered a 58-55 loss at Hollister, Mo., Tuesday night to close out the first semester.

With less than a minute remaining, it looked like Berryville was going to get a good win and have momentum heading into next week’s Holiday Hoops Tournament.

"There was 50 seconds left in the game and we went to the stall game," Berryville coach Brent Compton said. "We were ahead by one point. We got fouled. Missed both free throws and they went down, hit a three. Our shot to win it was no good."

The Tigers only led Berryville by a point going into the second quarter, but Compton was disappointed with the way his team started the game.

"We got off to a slow start even though we only trailed 18-17," Compton said. "We had to come back from a fairly large deficit to start the game. We got in foul trouble in the second quarter and that didn't help either."

Brady Smith scored four of the six points for the Bobcats in the second quarter and Berryville trailed 28-23 at halftime. Two starters were on the bench in the second quarter because of foul trouble. Compton said this isn't the way he wanted his team to feel heading into the Holiday Hoops Tournament.

"We had hoped to have won and get double digit wins going into the break," Compton said. "It is what is. We definitely have some work to do. I feel like we didn't execute real well last night. We seem to play real well at home, but haven't put it together on the road yet. We still have time to do that."

Seven third-quarter points from Jarrett Ray and six from Ty Allen gave Berryville a 39-38 lead going into the fourth quarter. Ray finished with 19 points and Allen added 16.

"They scored some points, and thankfully they did," Compton said. "I don't feel like anybody just played great, though. As a team we just didn't play well. It had a little bit to do with Hollister, but it had a lot to do with us."

Compton plans on giving his team some time off during the holidays, but he knows the Bobcats must stay fresh for the Holiday Hoops Tournament.

"We are giving the kids a couple days off," Compton said. "We are going to come in on Friday for a practice and then give them three days off and have two of practice leading into the Holiday Tournament. I want to make sure my kids get some time off and enjoy the holidays, but we also have to stay in shape and stay sharp heading into our tournament, which hopefully we will play well and make our way to the finals."

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