Successful effort: BV students raise $1,700 for shoes

Friday, December 22, 2017
Bright Futures coordinator Mindy Hicks (left) accepts a check from fifth-grade teacher Emily Bell. The check was from the Berryville Intermediate School students, who raised over $1,700 for the Bright Futures Berryville shoe program.
Photo by David Bell/Carroll County News

Berryville Intermediate students used their spare change to make a change in their community.

The intermediate school held a school-wide coin collecting competition this December to raise money for Bright Futures Berryville to restock its shoe supply. The change drive came to a close on Friday, Dec. 15, and the students raised $1,727.02 in total.

Fifth-grade teacher Emily Bell said the idea for the fundraiser came from a spare change collecting competition held last year. The intermediate school collected money for Heifer International, she said, and the students and teachers raised $1,400 together. She said the money raised was enough to buy two cows, three rabbits, two flocks of ducks, two flocks of chicks, two hives of honey bees, one goat and one pig, which were used to form the basis of a sustainable, thriving lifestyle for a family in need in a developing country.

“This time we wanted to help some local kids,” Bell said, “so I talked to some representatives from Bright Futures. They said shoes were one of the biggest needs they have right now.”

She said Caitlin Crow’s class raised over $300.

On Tuesday, the intermediate students got to celebrate their accomplishment with a dodgeball game against the teachers in Bobcat Arena. Before the game began, Bell told the students they had made a positive change in their community.

“You all did something astounding. You raised over $1,700 for your peers,” she said. “We are going to take this money that you raised, and we are going to give it to Bright Futures so they can restock their shoe supply because at Christmas and the beginning of the year they get wiped out.”

Bell continued, “They need this money for shoes. I know it’s fun to have the dodgeball contest, but you helped out your fellow classmates by raising $1,700. Give yourself a round of applause!”

Bell presented Mindy Hicks, the coordinator of Bright Futures Berryville, with a check for the $1,700.

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