CCSO fires deputy after dismissal from academy

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Carroll County Sheriff’s Office deputy was fired last month after being dismissed from the state police academy.

Deputy Nathaniel Drebenstedt was terminated on Monday, Nov. 20, three days after an official at the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy in East Camden notified CCSO Chief Deputy Maj. George Frye that Drebenstedt was found asleep in his room at the academy and smelled of alcohol.

Juan Reyes, a training supervisor at the academy, wrote in a Nov. 17 memorandum that he arrived at the academy at 7:35 that morning and “was immediately made aware” that Drebenstedt had been drinking alcohol.

Reyes wrote that he and class coordinator Tony Madlock went to Drebenstedt’s room at 7:50 a.m. and found him asleep.

“I woke him up and had him stand up,” Reyes wrote. “He smelled of alcohol. I observed a ‘rug burn’ style wound on his nose and forehead. … I asked Drebenstedt if he had been drinking. He indicated that he had been drinking but did not know where the bottle was. I asked if anyone else was drinking with him and he stated that there was no one else. I advised him to collect his things and that he was dismissed from the academy.”

Reyes then contacted Frye, who requested that Drebenstedt be given a field sobriety test, according to Reyes’ memo. Drebenstedt failed the field sobriety test, Reyes wrote, and Reyes took possession of the keys to the Carroll County vehicle that Drebenstedt had driven to the academy as well as his department-issued weapon.

In a Nov. 20 termination letter, Mayfield wrote that Frye and another CCSO staff member drove to the academy, recovered the CCSO vehicle assigned to Drebenstedt and transported him to his residence near Eureka Springs.

“Your actions constitute Conduct Unbecoming a Deputy of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office,” Mayfield wrote. “Your actions have brought discredit on the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. You are terminated as an employee of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, effective immediately.”

Drebenstedt could not be reached for comment Monday. A message left with his father was not returned by press time.

“We were disappointed with the conduct of former deputy Drebenstedt at ALETA, and took the necessary action thereafter,” Mayfield said. “We wish him well in his future endeavors.”

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