Lopsided foul count hurts Tigers in loss

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Deer Lady Antlers shot 42 free throws to Green Forest's 15 Friday night. That played a large part in Deer's 56-50 home win.

"We won't be making a return trip to Deer," Green Forest coach Kyle Farrar said. "It was pretty obvious what was going on. We allowed it to happen. We didn't play any defense. Early in the first half, first quarter for sure, we couldn't make one from two feet even though we got every shot we wanted. We wouldn't play any defense on them. We just let them go anywhere they wanted to and they banked in five or six shots. And then five of my top six fouled out. It was pretty obvious what was going on, but we allowed it to happen and it was just one of those things."

Green Forest led 16-11 at the end of the first quarter. Ashley Farrar had 12 points. The Lady Tigers led 24-19 at halftime. Farrar hopes to move on from this game and play well in the Berryville Holiday Tournament.

"We have to put this behind us," Farrar said. "It definitely leaves a bad taste in our mouths heading into the break, but we have a chance to get some quality wins in the Berryville tournament."

The Lady Tigers (4-9) extended their lead to 44-38 going into the fourth quarter, but Deer scored 16 points from the free throw line in the fourth quarter to get the comeback victory.

Farrar finished the game with 27 points, while Rachael Evans had eight and Daisy Padilla had six.

Deer 73, Green Forest 36

A 37-point loss at Deer isn't how the Green Forest Tigers wanted to end the semester Friday night.

"We had trouble scoring," Green Forest coach Donnie Smith said. "We couldn't make any shots. We got the shots we wanted, we just couldn't make them."

Green Forest (4-9) was outscored by the Antlers 25-9 in the first quarter and Deer led 40-23 at halftime. Smith said the Tigers must learn to play better defensively.

"You have to guard better against a better shooting team and be able to adjust what you are doing on defense," Smith said. "You have to accommodate if they are doing a fast break or if they have good shooters or a good inside game. I think we are getting better at that, but we still have a long way to go."

Deer put up 26 points in the third quarter and led 66-27 going into the fourth quarter. Brandon Burdge scored 15 points for Green Forest and Rhett Powell had nine.

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