4-H Teen Leadership Club presents quilts to DHS

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Georgia Belle Patterson (left) and Kaitlyn Warner, members of the 4-H Teen Leadership Club, present weighted quilts Thursday at the Department of Humans Services (DHS) in Berryville. The club members made the quilts for two local foster children with autism.
Photo by Tavi Ellis/Carroll County News

The 4-H Teen Leadership Club is giving back to the community this holiday season.

On Thursday, club members Kaitlyn Warner and Georgia Belle Patterson presented two weighted quilts to the Department of Human Services (DHS) for two foster children with autism. Warner said the gentle pressure provided by the quilts is supposed to be calming for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

“We found out about this need through Bethany Bonham in the North Polo 4-H Club,” she said. “One of the quilts is seven pounds, and the other is 10 pounds.”

Warner said the club members made the quilts by sewing bags filled with plastic pellets into the layers. She said they were told the weight of the children in order to measure the amount of weight put into the quilt.

“We did it based on what the kids weigh so the quilts wouldn’t smother them,” Warner said. “I did my quilt in two days. It took a couple of hours each time.”

Sherry Ream, 4-H program assistant for Carroll County, said the quilts are just one example of the community service the Teen Leadership Club performs. She said the club members also raised money at Christmas Gifts Galore for families in need to make sure they get to have Christmas, too. The club members have been participating in their annual fall community service, “Spontaneous Leaf Raking,” which coincides with Berryville’s annual fall leaf and limb cleanup.

“We go around the city cleanup routes and see what homes might need help,” Ream said.

The 4-H Teen Leadership Club is for local teenagers ages 14 to 19, she said. In addition to performing community service, she said the club has guest speakers come in to give educational and career-based presentations.

For more information on the 4-H Teen Leadership Club, contact Ream at 870-423-2958.

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