Letter to the Editor

Thank you, Eureka!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Once again the people of the Eureka area have shown their generosity, and the shelves of our local food bank, the Flint Street Fellowship are filled.

Local Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts hit the streets, went door to door, house to house, driveway to driveway, and brought in the food bank bags and bags and bags of food! More than just food was brought in! The love and compassion of our town, shown by their generosity, went through the front door of the food bank. Something else went through those front doors; those scouts brought to the food bank their excitement, energy and their willingness to do something good for our town. All that excitement and energy is contagious, donít you know!

This year we also had additional help from the Rotary and letís not forget the volunteers that man our local food bank, they are there day after day, serving the needy of our community, usually without much fanfare. Imagine the effect on them, what a shot in the arm, to be invaded by swarms of happy and excited little scouts hauling in carloads of food from a community that cares!

See what one bag from your front porch can do? You have helped the needy of our town, you have given the volunteers at the food bank the help in their task, and though your generosity, you have given a large group of our young people that precious lesson about community service. Thank you for showing that you care. If you did get missed or forgot to put out your bag, itís not too late! There are drop off boxes at both Hartís and SunFest!

See what one bag on the front porch can do?

ó Bruce Bieschke

Scouting for Food