Equity Bank makes donation to Good Shepherd

Friday, November 17, 2017

Good Shepherd Humane Society got a little help from Equity Bank this fall.

On Thursday, Nov. 9, Elizabeth Kelley, Eureka Springs Equity Bank president, presented a $2,453 check to Good Shepherd on behalf of the Eureka Springs and Berryville branches of the bank. Kelley said the branches raised the money as part of a two-month fundraiser for Good Shepherd, featuring several pet-themed events and a supply drive for the shelter.

“It was a fun period for our community and our customers both. We found that we really had a heart for Good Shepherd and finding forever homes for cats and dogs,” Kelley said. “Our customers and our community definitely have that, too. It was a jam-packed two months.”

It kicked off with the Wags and Whiskers Pet Pageant at the Eureka Springs branch, Kelley said, where 10 dogs entered to win a basket of treats.

“The most talented dog was named Sprout, who gave his owner high fives,” Kelley said. “It was just a sweet time.”

During the two months, Kelley said, the bank donated $25 to Good Shepherd for every new account that was opened. The Paws and Professionals Day allowed bank employees to bring their pets to work with them, Kelley said, for a donation to Good Shepherd.

“We had 12 dogs and two chickens, and all was well. They co-existed wonderfully,” Kelley said. “We had people come through the drive-thru and they’d see the three dogs and they were like, ‘I have to come into the bank to see this’ and they’d pull around and come into the bank.”

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