Halftime lead slips away from Jr. Bobcats

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Berryville junior high football team ended the year with a 20-14 home loss to Huntsville on Thursday, Nov. 2. Berryville led 14-6 at halftime, but the Bobcats started the second half by throwing two interceptions. The first interception was returned to the Bobcat 10 and the other to the Bobcat 25.

"They had to drive 40 yards for two touchdowns in the second half," Berryville coach Cody Curtis said. "We moved the ball on them, just couldn't get the last one in on them."

Curtis said the younger players on the team learned a lot as the season went along.

"I think we started six eighth-graders on defense out of 11," Curtis said. "We started a few on offense as well, so there were a lot of learning experiences for them gamewise."

Looking back, Curtis is proud of how hard his team played throughout the year.

"It was a hard fought year," Curtis said. "We were in several games, we just couldn't pull them out. Gravette was one of the top half teams in the conference. We were right there. Huntsville, I thought we should have won the game. We just couldn't pull them out. Otherwise, we are looking at a .500 season, which would have been good for us. But we are young. Hopefully next year we will be a little bit better and those kids will be a little more experienced."

Going into the offseason, Curtis knows it's important for the Bobcats to get stronger.

"Living in the weight room and getting those eighth-graders to develop more muscles is important," Curtis said. "I think that is where they hurt more than anything this year, especially defensively."

Landon Chester scored on a 60-yard touchdown run and Gordo Hankins scored on a 10-yard rushing touchdown.

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