Rotary Interact’s golf tournament raises $2,200

Friday, September 22, 2017

Only two months into the school year, Eureka Springs High School Rotary Interact students have completed their biggest fundraiser of the year. The club hosted its second annual golf tournament in Holiday Island on Monday, Sept. 11, bringing in $2,200.

Club adviser Joanie Kratzer reported that 64 golfers showed up, saying 10 Rotary Interact students were there to direct the golfers.

“They met the golfers and thanked them for coming and encouraged them,” Kratzer said.

There were several fundraising opportunities at the tournament, Kratzer said, including a silent auction, the purchase of mulligans and sponsorships. Kratzer said the silent auction brought in $500, with $475 raised by mulligan sales.

“We also sold raffle tickets. Altogether, it looks like we’re going to net about $2,200,” Kratzer said.

She thanked everyone in the community who helped, especially Rotarian Michele Gann and the Crescent Hotel’s Jodie English Brown.

“It was very successful for our first fundraiser of the year, and that’s because of the help we had from Rotarians and community members,” Kratzer said.

Senior Faith Martin said she was happy to be at the fundraiser.

“It went well. We had a large turnout of people, and they were really supportive buying things,” Martin said. “We were selling mulligans and other things to help them, and they bought a lot to support us, even if they didn’t need them.”

Senior Elizabeth Loudermilk agreed.

“The community is super great. They always come out to support us,” Loudermilk said. “You can tell they enjoy seeing us there and they like seeing the youth involved in the community.”

All the money that comes from the fundraiser, Martin said, will be put back into the community in some way.

“It feels really nice that we’re going to be able to donate it to people,” Martin said. “We don’t really see the people we donate it to, but when we do, they’re always really happy and thankful.”

Loudermilk said some of the money will be used to send more students to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. That’s important, Loudermilk said, because it teaches students how to give back to their community.

“A lot of us attended last year and we really enjoyed it. It made a big impact on our lives,” Loudermilk said. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to get some juniors who will be able to get out to Oklahoma and get that experience.”

Senior Brandon Ray said he feels honored to be part of the club.

“I’m glad we raised that much, because I know it’s going to go to help people,” Ray said. “People will really appreciate it.”

“We do care about the community a lot,” Martin said. “Everything we do, we’re trying to help them in the long run.”

The club will likely donate some money to help the victims of natural disasters, Loudermilk said.

“We like to keep a lookout for natural disasters. Last year, we donated to a family whose house burned down,” Loudermilk said. “We donated to those affected by the hurricanes and things that just aren’t expected and come up.”

Other places the club has donated, Kratzer said, are the American Wheelchair Mission, Good Shepherd Humane Society, Flint Street Fellowship and Samaritan’s Feet.

“We donated $1,250 to Samaritan’s Feet last year for shoes for children,” Kratzer said. “I’m sure a large chunk of this money will go toward that this year.”

Kratzer listed other upcoming events for the club, saying the students will work the Cornerstone Bank parking lot on Sunday, Oct. 1. They will have a float in the Christmas Parade, Kratzer said, and will have a fundraiser in Basin Park for St. Patrick’s Day and a bake sale on Easter.

“Those are our major fundraisers for the year,” Kratzer said. “We’re looking forward to it.”

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