GF boys win in Siloam Springs

Friday, September 22, 2017

Berryville, Eureka Springs and Green Forest all competed in the Panther Cross Country Classic on Saturday in Siloam Springs. Green Forest won the boys 1A-4A race and Berryville won the girls 1A-4A race. Green Forest finished second. Individual results are as follows:

Boys 1A-4A: To go along with Green Forest's win, Berryville finished sixth with 147 points and Eureka Springs finished 11th with 223 points. Green Forest's Rafael Rosales won with a time of 18 minutes and 23 seconds and teammate Lexington Hilton finished second in 18:37. Green Forest's Ezequiel Calderon finished sixth in 18:58, while Berryville's Carlos Garduno finished 10th in 19:30 and Eureka Springs' Kayden Eckman finished 14th in 19:45. Berryville's Brian Tovar finished 18th in 19:50, while Tyler Stephenson Stephenson finished 22nd in 20:03 and Berryville's Eduardo Rangel finished 28th in 20:24. Green Forest's Tono Mendez finished 30th in 20:37. Berryville's Daniel Portillo finished 37th in 20:53, while Green Forest's Urbano Reyes finished 45th in 21:13 and Garrett Cross of Eureka Springs finished 48th in 21:26. Berryville's Fredric Leroy finished 88th in 24:15, while Green Forest's David Aguinaga finished 90th in 24:22 and teammate Eli Gomez finished 95th in 24:53. Sam Gay of Eureka Springs finished 106th in 26:18, while Jackson Cross finished 111th in 27:12 and teammate Hayden Bullock finished 116th in 29:48.

Girls 1A-4A: To go along with Berryville's win, Green Forest finished second, scoring 96 points and Eureka Springs didn't have enough runners to make up a team. Eureka Springs' Gabi Bloch finished fifth in 22:56, while Green Forest's Lucy Rios finished eighth in 23:45 and Berryville's Alexis Steele finished 10th in 23:55. Berryville's Millan Ryd finished 13th in 24:23, while teammate Samantha Preston finished 15th in 24:31 and Green Forest's Lyndsay Anglin finished 17th in 24:46. Berryville's Cecilia Doss finished 21st in 25:02, while Green Forest's Jennifer Martinez finished 22nd in 25:07 and Nora Waller finished 23rd in 25:11. Green Forest's Emily Bolen finished 27th in 25:58, while Berryville's Alejandra Hernandez finished 30th in 26:44 and Green Forest's Yaritza Quintanilla finished 32nd in 26:53. Berryville's Hope Braziel finished 40th in 27:38, while teammate Sarah Hale finished 42nd in 27:46. Berryville's Trinity Rains finished 44th in 27:55, while Green Forest's Margarita Vega finished 47th in 28:21 and teammate Andrea Lopez finished 50th in 28:44. Eureka Springs' Savannah Reeves finished 52nd in 29:11, while teammate Ana Tapia finished 53rd in 29:12 and Berryville's Raquel Perez finished 60th in 30:05. Green Forest's Alyson Bruegel finished 71st in 33:27, while Eureka Springs' Rachel Adams finished 73rd in 35:03 and Berryville's Chanci Walker finished 80th in 41:21.

Berryville, Eureka Springs and Green Forest all compete at the Bobcat Back 40 on Saturday. The running starts at 9:30 a.m.

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