Letter to the Editor

Remembering a fallen officer, dad

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Chief Charles Robbins

I want to thank the City of Berryville, Mayor Tim McKinney and Chief Robert Bartos for remembering and recognizing the 50-year anniversary of our dadís death in the line of duty as a chief of police in Berryville. It is kind of bittersweet and sad at the same time.

My heart goes out to all of the fallen officers and their families, knowing what itís like to grow up without one of your parents at a young age.

Anyone that remembers Dad knows that he treated everyone equal and with respect.

I remember as a young boy when I got my first Honda motorcycle I wanted to get on the road so bad, but Dad said if I got out there, he would have to let everyone else in town do the same so I wore the ground out around our house till I got my license. I know that if Mom and our brother Nolan were still with us they would be very proud of the proclamation the city has done for him. I know we are.

Sons: Lonnie Robbins, wife Cindy; Charles Robbins, wife Sharon; Grandchildren: Kristie Dearien, husband Lance; Julie Shook, husband Jimmy; Jaime Graves; Chance Robbins, wife Ashley; Great-Grandchildren: Conner Dearien, Collin Dearien, Carter Dearien, Hayden Shook, Hannah Shook, Julius Graves, Sawyer Robbins.

Thank you very much.

ó Lonnie Robbins