Cross country season kicks off

Friday, September 8, 2017

Local cross country teams competed in the first meet of the year Saturday in Springdale. Individual results are as follows:

1A-3A Boys: Green Forest won with a score of 34 points and Eureka Springs finished third with 83 points. Green Forest's Rafael Rosales won with a time of 17 minutes and 43 seconds. Green Forest's Ezequiel Calderon finished second in 18:10, while Eureka Springs' Kayden Eckman finished third in 18:21. Green Forest's Lexington Hilton finished fourth in 18:23, while Tyler Stephenson of Eureka Springs finished sixth in 19:09 and Green Forest's Tono Mendez finished 11th in 20:18. Green Forest's Urbano Reyes finished 16th in 20:40, while Garrett Cross of Eureka Springs finished 18th in 21:10 and David Aguinaga of Green Forest finished 28th in 22:34. Eureka Springs' Levi Crider finished 30th in 22:53, while teammate Austin Maloney finished 33rd in 23:30 and Green Forest's Kevin Solorzano finished 35th in 24:04. Green Forest's Eli Gomez finished 38th in 25:08, while Eureka Springs' Hayden Bullock finished 41st in 27:17 and teammate Grant Arnold finished 42nd in 27:25. Green Forest's Misael Ciferntos finished 44th in 28:16.

1A-3A Girls: Green Forest won, scoring 16 points. Eureka Springs didn't have enough runners to qualify as a team. Green Forest's Karina Maravillas won with a time of 20 minutes and 20 seconds. Eureka Springs' Gabi Bloch finished second in 21:53, while Green Forest's Jennifer Martinez finished third in 23:14 and Viannei Rangel finished fourth in 23:24. Green Forest's Lucy Rios finished fifth in 23:41, while teammates Yaritza Quintanilla finished seventh in 24:15 and Lyndsay Anglin finished eighth in 24:24. Green Forest's Emily Bolen finished 10th in 24:37, while teammates Margarita Vega finished 14th in 25:37 and Andrea Lopez finished 20th in 27:18. Eureka Springs' Ana Tapia finished 24th in 29:29 and teammate Rachel Adams finished 28th in 32:38.

4A-5A Boys: Prairie Grove won, scoring 42 points and Berryville finished second with 47 points. West Fork's Corey Strain won, with a time of 18 minutes and 15 seconds. Berryville's Brian Tovar finished sixth in 19:15, while teammates Eduardo Rangel finished ninth in 19:26 and Carlos Garduno finished 14th in 19:56. Berryville's Nathan Engel finished 15th in 20:08, while teammates Daniel Portillo finished 16th in 20:10 and Fredric Leroy finished 27th in 23:05. Berryville's Grant Lee finished 29th in 23:07, while teammate Marco Berrios finished 33rd in 28:35.

4A-5A Girls: Prairie Grove won, scoring 39 points and Berryville finished second, scoring 44 points. Prairie Grove's Bekah Bostain won with a time of 20 minutes and 15 seconds. Berryville's Alexis Steele finished ninth in 23:44, while teammates Cecilia Doss finished 11th in 23:57 and Millan Ryd finished 12th in 24:03. Berryville's Samantha Preston finished 13th in 24:16 and teammate Nora Waller finished 14th in 24:27. Berryville's Sarah Hale finished 21st in 26:10, while teammates Alejandra Hernandez finished 22nd in 26:19 and Raquel Perez finished 29th in 27:16. Berryville's Hope Braziel finished 31st in 27:25, while teammates Trinity Rains finished 39th in 29:41 and Hannah Stewart finished 40th in 29:42. Berryville's Claira Watson finished 46th in 31:29 and teammate Chanci Walker finished 53rd in 37:31.

On Saturday, Berryville, Eureka Springs and Green Forest will all travel to Elkins. The running starts at 8 a.m.

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