BV gets its first win of the year

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Berryville Lady Bobcat volleyball team got its first win of the season on Monday, defeating the Farmington Lady Cardinals 25-23, 25-19, 19-25, 26-24. Berryville coach Kristin Whetham hopes this victory gives her team some confidence.

"Each game we see a little bit of improvement," Whetham said. "And it's going to take a few games to get where we need to be because we are playing with a young and inexperienced team, but I am hoping this win over a 5A school will put a spark back into them after losing two games in a row."

Whetham was very impressed with how the Lady Bobcats played in the fourth set to close out the match.

"It's like I told them last night, if they can come out and play like that every ballgame, we would have nothing to worry about," Whetham said. "They took care of business. It was a close set, but Farmington isn't a bad team. They have a couple really good hitters and their setters are phenomenal. But that fourth set, my girls, Kelcee Hopper and Hannah Morrell, picked it up and did what we needed them to do. They might not have blocked every ball, but they touched a lot of balls and slowed them down so that our defense could get where we needed to be to get that pass where it needed to be."

For the most part, Whetham is pleased with the way the entire match went.

"In the first set, we had the lead for pretty much the whole set," Whetham said. "But we kind of took a run and Farmington came back. Took a run and Farmington came back. In the second set, we came ready to play. We did what we needed to do. We passed the ball to the front row. Set the ball up and our hitters were ready to hit. We just played a lot smarter that game. In the third set, we just came out inconsistent. We are young and inexperienced. We didn't come out in the third set ready to go. They jumped on us at the very beginning and we could never come back to take the lead over."

Whetham was pleased with the way some of her younger players stepped up.

"Aspen, my libero, played a phenomenal game on defense," Whetham said. "And then I had two sophomores, Taylor Swofford and Lexy Anderson. In that last set, we told them they had a job to do. Farmington was leaving the line open. We like to hit the ball cross-court. Before that game started, we told them we need to get the ball to the line because they aren't rotating there. They really took care of their job. Being sophomores, I was proud of them. They stepped up and did their jobs.

On Thursday, Berryville traveled to Alpena.

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