Bishop pleased with Tigers' progress despite errors

Monday, August 28, 2017

When fall camp opened for the Green Forest Tigers, they did well to field 20 players for a given practice. On Tuesday, as the Tigers traveled to Gentry for a jamboree with the Pioneers and the Elkins Elks, that number had climbed to 34 and coach Bobby Bishop was much more comfortable with where his team was.

"We were pretty pleased with what we saw last night," Bishop said. "There were a lot of mistakes. Young guys not getting lined up correctly. Taking wrong steps and not the best angles on tackles. Trying to hand-tackle a little bit too much. Just basic mistakes you know you are going to see in a preseason scrimmage, but we came away encouraged."

Green Forest played two quarters against Gentry and two quarters against Elkins. The Tigers played their first-team unit in the first quarter and their second-team unit in the second quarter.

"We kind of took it to Gentry a little bit," Bishop said. "We were able to take our first drive, I think it was 10 or 12 plays, and scored on them. Then we were able to stop them a few times. We got a couple of turnovers."

Bishop said the Tigers struggled with Elkins, but he hopes that will be good for Green Forest moving forward.

"They zipped the ball around," Bishop said. "Their quarterback was real sharp. They had some real athletic kids so they kind of took it to us. We weren't discouraged at all. We watched the film this morning and we were able to point out some things to our kids that it's a matter of concentration, a matter of getting in a good stance and getting a good start. We were slow off the ball at times. We were really pleased. I think it was the best jamboree we have had since I have been here."

Bishop said the Tigers stayed basic Tuesday night and he is looking forward to getting ready for Huntsville next Friday.

"We didn't do anything but I-formation and basic dive, power and trap plays," Bishop said. "Ran a couple sweep plays and that's about it. Threw the dump pass a couple of times. We have a couple of days where we can get a head start getting ready for Huntsville. Haven't really started looking at them yet. We did trade film with them last night, but haven't had a chance to look at it. We will go through today's practice, just taking care of a few issues from last night and then we will start working on Huntsville over the next couple of days. It's football season, preseason is over here in the next couple of days."

Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 1 at Tiger Stadium.

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