Tigers excited for 2017

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Green Forest volleyball team held a benefit match Thursday evening at Flippin. Coach Trista Killingsworth is excited to see how her team performs under pressure.

"I know where I'm putting everybody, but I'm excited to see how the girls perform together," Killingsworth said. "We went to league and stuff, but this is different. It's always different in a real game versus league so I'm excited to see who hits best where and see the chemistry come together. We have been practicing a long time so it's good to start the season."

Rachael Evans, Carolina Moreno and Emily Becker are the only returners for Green Forest who have significant playing experience. Killingsworth believes the younger players will be able to step up and help the Lady Tigers this year, though.

"I have seen a lot of improvement on our hitting," Killingsworth said. "When playing volleyball, you need to hear someone hit the ball. Let's say I have my back turned toward the stands. The first practice I couldn't hear anything, but I have seen a huge improvement. We are working on our swing and our power and there is a big difference. When we work on hitting, if I turned my back, I would know that we are working on hitting."

Along with hitting, Killingsworth said it's important that the Lady Tigers work on their communication.

"Don't be timid with who is around you," Killingsworth said. "You need to be talking, talking, talking all of the time. I think we are going to need to see a big improvement in that area right away, just based off of what I saw in league."

The Lady Tigers don't have a home match until Sept. 7 when they host Berryville. Killingsworth hopes these first five road matches will make her team stronger.

"It's just kind of the way it happened," Killingsworth said. "Decatur was supposed to come to us this year, but they had some kind of conflict, so hopefully it will make that first game at home that much more exciting. We don't go very far away, so it shouldn't be a big deal, but is kind of different. We will survive it. It's not the end of the world."

Green Forest starts the regular season on Tuesday at Elkins. The match is scheduled to start at 4 p.m.

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