Letter to the Editor

Concerned for Holiday Island

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A property owner since 2006, I’ve been to many Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District meetings. I have yet to be satisfied about the results of any meeting as of August 2017. Yes, I have spoken, but like others we were not listened to.

A S.I.D.elects people like any small town and the people do not go through a detailed background check. Whatsoever?

Rather than the volunteers that are elected by friends, the church they attend and misinformed, selfish property owners specifically Holiday Island, we need people with ambition, passion and even desire with experience. We have had some very qualified people run on specific points such as water, sewer, roads, real estate and even a developer but this district will elect a friend because they want to try. Since the vote was to make the golf course public, the exclusivity is now a memory. How many lots have been forfeited back to our S.I.D.

The reason I bought property here was there was a surplus of more than 3 million dollars. It is not the economy as much as it is pet projects on decisions this board has been making for too long. We are broken. Yes, we are. “To incorporate,” are you serious? This board is having difficulty defining rules for our swimming pool. The writing on the wall is in bold print. Will an unwilling and unaware group continue to finalize the distrust and destroy the attitude of Holiday Island? Concern is total failure of our form of elected volunteers in a Suburban Improvement District form of government. The reason to incorporate is for $500,000 they plan to receive.That is what I was told, by a “pro-to incorporate” volunteer in late July 2017. To combine even more confusion and complex issues is above and beyond this board’s ability to serve the citizens of Holiday Island.

— Thomas Irwin