Concentration level high for Tigers

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Green Forest assistant coach Tyler Harness instructs his lineman on how to properly block during Wednesday morning's practice.
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A week into fall camp Green Forest football coach Bobby Bishop isn't pleased with the turnout, but the group that has been in attendance has shown promise.

"The numbers aren't good, but the concentration level has been real good," Bishop said. "We like what we see so far."

Bishop knows it's early, but the Green Forest offensive line has looked good so far.

"Our offensive line is a group of kids that has the potential to be our leaders," Bishop said. "As a unit they have been real impressive. There are a couple of individuals who have surprised us a little bit. Will Chaney looks like a kid that is going to be versatile and be able to play multiple positions, both offense and defense. Oscar Madrigal, he is a sophomore and another that kind of caught our eye on the defensive line."

Bishop has also been pleased with the progress of quarterback Matt Owens and the way his wide receivers were catching the ball. Bishop makes it no secret that the Tigers will have to average more than 20 players once the season rolls around in a few weeks.

"That's just the world we live in here at Green Forest," Bishop said. "We have kids in Central America. We have kids scattered all throughout North America. What it's going to take to get numbers up is kids are going to have to understand that football takes a commitment."

Green Forest will have a Red and White game on Friday, Aug. 18 at Tiger Stadium.

"Skill level and fundamentals is all we are worried about right now," Bishop said. "We aren't even looking ahead to our schedule right now. The first four weeks are teaching time. It's preseason camp. We will start paying attention to our schedule once we get into jamborees, but right now we are focusing on ourselves. Trying to become better at what our position calls for us to do, rather that be running routes, catching the ball, or blocking and tackling. We are going to keep it real fundamental, real elementary."

Kickoff is scheduled for 6 p.m.

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