Shott likes attitude, looking for commitment

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

First-year coach Doug Shott is looking for Berryville Bobcat football players to buy into what he is selling. Thus far, Shott says he has seen a great attitude from the team, but wants a stronger showing from at practices. The Bobcats have averaged around 26 players at practice and Shott hopes to see that number jump to 35 once the season starts.

"The attitude has been good, but the attendance isn't what I wish it would have been," Shott said. "The days we have been here, it seems like we haven't had the same kids. Like today, we probably had five or six kids that weren't with us, but had been with us earlier."

Shott said that as a first-year coach he is still adjusting to the players, but he believes when the players begin buying in, they will see results.

"In the past, I don't know what has been allowed, but once everyone gets committed every day, we will start seeing progress," Shott said.

Shott knows that it's important for the Bobcats to continue working on the fundamentals as the season draws near.

"Overall, our whole program has got to get better at blocking technique and tackling technique," Shott said. "We worked on both today. Just like we did on Monday. We worked on hitting on the rise, both blocking and tackling. We worked on footwork. We have got to get better in blocking and tackling. Overall, that is where our program is lacking. In the spring, we didn't get to spend much time on those things because we were trying to install a new offense and a new defense."

Shott said he has seen improvement in a a number of areas since the spring, but he hopes to continue see better execution on fundamental plays.

"We have all kinds of special plays we like to run," Shott said. "I call them ‘Mountain Dew’ plays. I told them when I first got here that they had been sipping water offensively and defensively. We are going to take some sips of Mountain Dew. We are going to hold off on those for the Purple and Gold game. You shouldn't look for us to dazzle you. We are going to get our basic, fundamental plays broke in. You can't move forward until you do that. And that's junior high and senior high. I just look for us to get better fundamentally."

Berryville will have a Purple and Gold game on Friday, Aug. 18 at Ronnie Clark Field. Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m.

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