The thrills of Fantasy

Friday, August 4, 2017

Thanks a lot Bryce Harper. Michael Brantley, Jose Bautista, Robinson Cano, I had high hopes for you guys, too.

Ever since I hung the cleats up 10 years ago, the only competitive thrill I can cling to is fantasy sports. It started out as something fun among friends, and it still is fun. We would get together in college, do an NFL draft at the beginning of the season and keep track of our teams and let the best man win.

I had never been a huge baseball fan, but the last year of our college career we decided to do a baseball draft. I went along with it. The draft was fun. When playing fantasy football, you have to check your lineup once a week. With fantasy baseball, it's everyday. Back then, we did it for fun so I really didn't care if I forgot to check my lineup. I was graduating and applying for jobs. As a result of not checking my lineup, I did poorly that year. This streak of doing poorly continued for two more years until we decided to lay $20 on the line this season.

As you can imagine, that gave me a little bit of motivation to keep up with my team as best as possible. I got out to a rough start, as I was 3-7 at one point in the season. I had turned things around to 7-8 heading into last week. My team was rolling. Harper was hitting home runs. Brantley was getting RBIs, even Javier Baez was doing a few good things. But last week was a head scratcher for me. I got no offensive production. Thankfully my pitching staff saved me (no pun intended) and I savaged a tie out of the week. As we race to the end of the regular season, ties won't get it done. I need wins. With five weeks left in the regular season, I am sitting a game out of first place, but two teams in front of me are only a half game back.

In the end, this is all fun and games, much like baseball itself. But in the end, there are winners and losers, much like in baseball. It would be great to be the winner in this situation because now I finally have a chance at winning a little money when it's all said and done.

Ty Loftis is the sports editor of the Carroll County News. His email address is

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