Lady 'Cats learn from camp

Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Members of the Berryville soccer team pose for a photo before taking the field in last week's soccer camp. Pictured from left are Nora Waller, Taylor Swofford, Mary Kennedy Jackson, Karleigh Giles, Maryn Jones and Abby Thurman.
Tavi Ellis / Carroll County News

The Berryville Lady Bobcat soccer team made it to the semifinals of the Class 4A state tournament last year. Coach Aaron Hall hopes that last week’s three day camp with Alex Burgess can help in getting the Lady Bobcats back to the state tournament.

"It was extremely informative in terms of the technical stuff," Hall said. "And it was a clinic for me as well. I have been learning soccer at Berryville in the five years that I have been doing it. And I have learned and learned all on my own. This is the first thing that has been really informative to me and the kids."

Coming away from the camp, Hall said he knows it's important that the players learn why it's important to understand how something happened.

"Our skill development over the past couple of years is why we were as successful as we were this past year," Hall said. "Understanding and grasping some of the things that he was explaining will allow us to understand why it happened. The drill wasn't as important as just the thinking and the knowledge."

Burgess taught Hall and the Lady Bobcats some new things as well and Hall looks forward to applying those lessons next year.

"We had done drills that were similar to what he did, but anytime you can do drills that are the basic same things, but you can tie some spin in it or make it interesting, that is great," Hall said. "You never like doing the same drills over and over as a player or a coach. It's not fun. It's necessary, but now you throw different drills in there with the basic same things and it's a lot more fun and it keeps the kids’ interest longer."

Burgess also assisted with the younger soccer players in the morning. Hall hoped there would be a better turnout, but he knows the soccer players got better while they were out there.

"The 10 kids that we had learned and got better," Hall said. "With them, it's more about making things fun while they are learning. They don't even know they are learning, but they are and you are keeping it fun. They had a good time."

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