BV's Candelaria excited to start coaching career

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Having graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith in May, Berryville coach Dylann Candelaria doesn't have much experience, but he is excited to dive right in.

"I've heard nothing but good things about Berryville from friends and people I know that have been around Berryville because I'm not from the area," Candelaria said. "It's a new town. It's a new situation for me, but everything I've heard from the coaches to the teachers to the schools and parents and kids have been nothing but positive reviews. I feel like I'm in a very fortunate and blessed situation."

Candelaria, who helped lead Alma to a state basketball championship as a player, looks forward to showing the Berryville basketball players what it takes to win as an assistant coach.

"We won a state championship and I was a part of three conference championships all three seasons I played," Candelaria said. "I feel like I know what it takes to win. I'm going to bring a winning attitude and then just have a mindset that I'm trying to learn from coach (Brent) Compton. He is a very smart, intelligent coach. But I'm also going to bring some things to the table. Just from how I played and my studies and what I know about the game of basketball."

Compton is excited to begin working with Candelaria.

"He is energetic and he has a great work ethic," Compton said. "Whatever we want him to do, he is eager to do it. Those are the top two qualities that will help you be successful. Guys that are eager to work. They don't have a time clock. They aren't staring at their watch and he is willing to work."

Candelaria will also be in charge of the Berryville soccer team. Candelaria was unable to play soccer in high school, as Alma didn't offer the sport, but he learned a lot about the game while in college.

"I played it in intramurals and I watch a lot of soccer," Candelaria said. "To me, it's exciting. It's going to be a good challenge for me. I've heard the soccer program is very successful. It's a good spot for me to be in and it's going to be an exciting opportunity for me to take on. Learn a little bit and hopefully show the kids what I know."

Coaching has always been Candelaria's passion.

"This has been my dream job almost since the day I can remember," Candelaria said. "A lot of kids want to be cops and firefighters and astronauts. But I wanted to be a teacher and a coach. That has always been my dream and so I'm very fortunate that it's finally here."

This was the first week Candelaria had an opportunity to introduce himself to the team. He said the initial meeting went well.

"I told them what I look forward to bringing to the team," Candelaria said. "I hope to learn a little bit about them and hopefully they can learn a little bit about me over the course of the sumer before the season begins."

Candelaria will also teach economics and civics.

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