Good Shepherd approves new board members

Friday, July 7, 2017

Good Shepherd Humane Society has some new faces on its board.

On Wednesday, June 28, the board voted to appoint Hallie Roberts as vice president, Peaches Spiritwalker as treasurer, Linda Coker as membership secretary, Mark Minton as treasurer and Andrea Peterson as a board member. President Jay Fusaro said he met with Peterson and shelter manager Sandra Mittler recently, giving Peterson a tour of the facility. Peterson said she enjoyed the visit.

“I’m very impressed with the establishment here. I was initially overwhelmed with how nice it is,” Peterson said. “They went through everything very thoroughly with me, from how the shelter is set up to all the involvement this group has put in.”

The board moved on to discuss Good Shepherd’s involvement in Cocktails for a Cause, scheduled from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 10, at Eureka Live. Fusaro said the event is hosted by Main Street Eureka Springs and will benefit Good Shepherd, saying he has been speaking with Jacqueline Wolven, executive director of Main Street Eureka Springs, about how to promote the event.

“She said we’d do a lot better if each board member can bring somebody, to get more people,” Fusaro said. “She also said we could have it for a cause … rather than say it’s for Good Shepherd, if we have it for something specific.”

Fusaro suggested dedicating the funds raised at Cocktails for a Cause to the HVAC project at the shelter, pointing out how much the board already has saved up for that project. He said the project will cost around $16,000, with the board sitting on nearly $8,000 for it. This money comes from leftover funds from a grant for the Meet and Greet Building, Fusaro said, as well as specific donations for the project.

“If we voted that Cocktails for a Cause goes to HVAC, that’s going to make another giant dent in it,” Fusaro said. “We can publicize it as, ‘Come out for Good Shepherd Cocktails for a Cause. All proceeds go toward new HVAC for the shelter.’”

Mittler said she’s hoping to improve the kennels at the shelter, but that won’t be possible until the new HVAC system is installed.

“The HVAC has to be done first,” Mittler said.

The board voted, agreeing to use the money from Cocktails for a Cause on the HVAC project.

Also at the meeting, Spiritwalker presented information on the shelter’s annual Doggie Style Show fundraiser. Spiritwalker said the fundraiser will be held at the Crescent Hotel. Instead of producing the ad book to raise money for the event, Spiritwalker said, the board will be working with Carroll County Newspapers to run advertisements for the fundraiser in the monthly Lovely County Visitor publication. Fusaro said the board will raise more money by doing this.

“This is a huge deal for us. I just think it’s a tremendous opportunity,” Fusaro said.

In other business, thrift store manager Janet Chupp said she’s looking for more volunteers at the Berryville Doggie Thrift Store. Chupp said she recently lost five volunteers from the store.

“More volunteers would be very nice,” Chupp said. “I have some temporary help there, and I have a couple of people who have volunteered to come from Eureka, because I have the best volunteers on the planet.”

Shelter manager Sandra Mittler presented the shelter report, saying the shelter had 31 adoptions in May. This is only two adoptions shy of the shelter’s 33-per-month goal, Mittler said.

“June has been a little slower. I think a lot of people are on vacation right now,” Mittler said.

At the rabies clinic in May, she said, the shelter raised $1,196.25.

“After all the expenses, we did have a net proceed of $446.68,” Mittler said. “We expect that to be a little bit higher at our next one, which is going to be in July.”

She said the upcoming rabies clinic will take place from noon to 3 p.m. July 15 at the Berryville Doggie Thrift Store. In the meantime, she said, the shelter is working with a canine behavior consultant in exchange for a billboard outside the shelter.

“We have used her in the past, and she has really worked wonders with some of our dogs,” Mittler said. “We’re really excited to have her.”

Mittler listed the intakes, returns and adoptions for May, saying the shelter brought in six cats, four kittens, five dogs and five puppies. She said the adoptions included eight puppies, 11 dogs, four kittens and eight cats, with four dogs being returned to the shelter.

The board moved on to the financial report, with Minton saying the shelter had a net loss of $4,800 in May. Adjusting that figure for outdoor kennel revenue and the extra pay period that month, he said, brought it to a net income of $980. The shelter had budgeted an $846 loss, Minton said.

“All in all, we are ahead of budget and things appear to be trending in the right direction with higher donations, thrift store revenue and adoption revenue up,” Minton said. “I think we’re in good shape.”

The board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday, July 26, at the meet and greet room at the shelter.

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