Rat Race honors Ratzlaff

Thursday, June 29, 2017
Pictured above are the top male and female finishers of the Rat Race 5K. From left are Karina Maravillas, Patrick Hunter, Shane York, Dakota Fritts, Melanie Hall and Rose Dickinson.
Heather McLoud photo

The Rat Race 5K honoring Tommy Ratzlaff took place on Saturday. Ratzlaff, a native of Green Forest died while serving his country in 2011 and this marked the fifth year of the Rat Race. Patrick Hunter won with a time of 17:24. 2. Shane York, 17:48 3. Dakota Fritts, 18:44 4. Rhett Williamson, 18:52 5. Rose Dickinson, 19:55 6. Nic White, 20:47 Sam Scaggs finished seventh at 20:51, while Clint Scheel finished eighth at 21:15 and Michael Lane finished ninth at 21:24. Melanie Hall finished 10th at 21:29, while Karina Maravillas finished 11th at 21:53 and Michael Straley finished 12th at 22:13. Trista Killingsworth finished 13th at 22:19, while Brock Waddell finished 14th at 22:27 and Yolanda Rangel finished 15th at 22:28. Denver Knapp finished 16th at 22:30, while Reese Johnson finished 17th at 22:37 and Aaron Middleton finished 18th at 22:43. Renee Hunter finished 19th at 22:44, while Bryan Cizek finished 20th at 22:45 and Adeline Holder finished 21st at 22:47.

Chris Larsen finished 22nd at 22:55, while Kelsie Cleeton finished 23rd at 22:59 and Blake Hassell finished 24th at 23:13. Irma Mendez finished 25th at 23:34, while Bradley James finished 26th at 23:46 and Dalton Harris finished 27th at 23:53. Mason Meador finished 28th at 23:55, while Justin Linz finished 29th at 24:43 and Alan Hunnicutt finished 30th at 24:53. Greg Taylor finished 31st at 24:56, while Clint Woods finished 32nd at 25:19 and Rusty Hooten finished 33rd at 25:23.

Randy Horn finished 34th at 25:38, while Craig Ernsting finished 35th at 25:42 and Naomi Murrell finished 36th at 25:43. Josh Rohr finished 37th at 25:46, while Tammy Holder finished 38th at 25:48 and Rodney Hayhurst finished 39th at 25:50. Mason Strayhorn finished 40th at 25:55, while Malachi Houghton finished 41st at 26:07 and Tony Ryan finished 42nd at 26:10. Steve Childers finished 43rd at 26:11, while Nick Simon finished 44th at 26:12 and Sebastian Woodward finished 45th at 26:13. Eddie Houghton finished 46th at 26:18, while Noah Houghton finished 47th at 26:21 and Christian Compton finished 48th at 26:32. Kenzie Larkin finished 49th at 26:35 and Brent Smith finished 50th at 26:42.

There were 136 runners who participated in the Rat Race 5K. All benefits from the race will go toward scholarships, grief counseling programs for students who have lost parents, veteran organizations and local you activities.

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