Good Shepherd Humane Society announces new treasurer

Friday, June 2, 2017

Good Shepherd Humane Society has a new treasurer.

At the board’s annual membership meeting Wednesday, May 24, interim treasurer Rosemary Fusaro said Mark Minton has agreed to work on the board as the treasurer. Fusaro said this means Minton will be a full member of the board, saying she has been interim treasurer over the past year.

“It’s been an honor and privilege to work with all of you and be interim treasurer. Mark Minton is fabulous,” Fusaro said. “He was the previous treasurer for the Eureka Springs Carnegie Library and he’s part of Rotary. You will be in great hands.”

Fusaro moved on to present the financial report for April. The net income was $770, Fusaro said, but turned into a $630 loss when accounting for the outdoor kennel revenue and the emergency care fund expense.

“This is almost $2,100 under the budgeted net income of $1,500 for the month,” Fusaro said.

She said the ad book revenue, miscellaneous donations, thrift store revenue, adoption revenue and shelter improvement donations all came in under budget. Payroll was under budget, Fusaro said, as well as vet supplies, facilities and equipment expenses and various other expenses.

Even with the loss, Fusaro said the organization has done better over the past year. The budgeted net loss between January and April this year is $162 better than the budgeted net loss between January and April last year.

“Despite disappointing April results, we are on budget year-to-date,” Fusaro said.

Fusaro said the organization needs to keep an eye on expenses, because it will be fully staffed as of June 1. That means payroll won’t come in under budget anymore, Fusaro said.

“We’re on budget. Our first months of the year are our worst months. We make up for it with the Doggie Style Show and other fundraisers,” Fusaro said. “We do have cash on hand. We’re just running at a loss.”

Shelter manager Sandra Mittler presented the shelter report, saying she’d like to see the number of adoptions increase.

“There has been a significant decrease in our foot traffic at the shelter. As a result, we’re holding more events on-site to reacquaint the public with our facility,” Mittler said. “We have also taken a step back and reorganized our adoption strategy.”

That reorganization includes out-of-state adoptions and transfers to other facilities, Mittler said. She said this helps move dogs who have been in the shelter for more than a year to new homes.

“Once a dog reaches a six-month stay at our shelter, we will look into transferring them to an out-of-state facility, meaning another shelter,” Mittler said. “If a dog is still with us after one year and they are not eligible for transfer to another facility … then we will look into finding a sanctuary for that animal.”

Mittler said she wanted to stress that Good Shepherd won’t work with any facility that doesn’t meet its standards.

“They will be no-kill. They will also mirror our values and share the same standards we have for adopting out animals,” Mittler said. “We hope these changes will increase the number of animals we are able to help each year. We will not jeopardize the safety of our animals, nor the integrity of Good Shepherd, to implement these changes.”

Mittler said several cats who have been at the shelter for more than a year have recently been adopted.

“I started as a cat tech. The cats are definitely not second-class citizens,” Mittler said. “We never forget about the cats.”

Thrift store manager Janet Chupp said the stores are doing well. The children’s area was moved from the Eureka Springs store to the Berryville store, Chupp said, and that has proven successful. She said she wants to improve the Eureka Springs store in the future, hoping to move the drainage pipe at the corner of the store, remove the windows between the porch and the main room and get some drywall hung in the basement.

The stores wouldn’t be successful, Chupp said, if she didn’t have so much help.

“There is no way I could’ve stepped in and taken over as manager and assistant manager without every person in this room. There’s no one person in this room who hasn’t helped me…went above and beyond,” Chupp said. “It has increased our sales so much. It’s unbelievable. It’s made that much of a difference.”

The board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 21, at the shelter’s meet and greet room.

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