Apparel anniversary: Kerusso celebrates 30 years of business

Friday, April 21, 2017
Founder Vic Kennett and Kerusso are celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary this year.
Photo by David Bell/Carroll County News

Kerusso is saluting three decades of Christian shirts this year.

Vic Kennett, Kerusso’s founder and chief executive officer, said the business is celebrating its 30th anniversary. He said he began the company with the vision of honoring God with what he did for a living.

“You can do that in many professions that aren’t specifically geared toward preaching the good news,” Kennett said, “but I felt like I had a propensity for design and unique ideas and wanted to use that to spread God’s word.”

He continued, “I was doing construction at the time, which I enjoyed, but I was looking for a different path. I didn’t think it was what God had in store for me long-term.”

After 30 years, Kennett said he believes he found the right path, widening it to allow others to walk it with him.

“Kerusso has certainly grown,” he said. “In the early days, we had the Great Passion Play and a handful of other Christian book stores as our account base. Now we’re available at thousands of retailers and in over 50 countries around the world.”

Kennett said it would not have been possible without God’s help, the dedication of Kerusso’s employees and the support of the local community.

“We’re just so blessed. We give God the glory,” he said. “We’re thankful to Him and the employees we have now and have had over 30 years. A lot of people have come and gone and made their contributions. We’re also thankful to the community that supports us and provides us with a good home.”

Kerusso press operator Steve Rider takes a shirt off the silk screen plate and places it on the dryer. The company produces Christian T-shirts and has grown substantially over the 30 years since its establishment.
Photo by David Bell/Carroll County News

He said part of the company’s success stems from the motto the employees follow: One team, one mission.

“What that means is the mission is what matters,” Kennett said. “The mission is proclaiming the good news to the world through products about Jesus. That’s our creed. Employees have really embraced this. Some come here with that built in, and others gain it through osmosis by being here. It’s a good group. They work hard to fulfill the mission.”

He said Berryville and Carroll County will always be Kerusso’s home.

“We hope we’re right here in Berryville over the next few decades and continue to grow,” Kennett said.

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