Letter to the Editor

Protect Holiday Island

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dear Residents and Home Owners of Holiday Island, and all H.I. board members: I believe its time to give serious thought to the protection of our homes. We are not ignorant concerning the weather change, increasing summer heat and tornadoes. A strike of lightning, one careless or intentional match, could set Holiday Island ablaze, destroying most of the homes!

What I propose to prevent this from happening is creating treeless bumper zones.

Now is the time to act, not after were left standing in ashes.

Please do not misunderstand. This isnt a request to de-foliate Holiday Island, and this plan would not include the following:

1. Those living by and around golf courses.

2. Any sparse-tree property or areas.

3. Lakefront properties that have two bumper zones in place (road and water).

What I propose is a responsible, conscientious effort to make paths/bumper zones on vacant lots. If a fire breaks outs, these zones could prevent it from spreading from one house to the next and would provide a path for firefighters to use.

A committee could be formed to determine which vacant lots need to be addressed, and to enlist tree removal services. It would be prudent to do this now before the trees are full of leaves and wood-ticks.

These are not plush green forests of beautiful pine trees, but overgrown thickets of thorny bushes, briars and underbrush. Having controlled fires to remove the underbrush might be a more feasible way to remove it.

As a property owner who cannot afford to have our trees cut down, having spent hundreds just to remove limbs that were a risk to damaging our home, I believe it should be done by Holiday Island. After all, there are many vacant properties that Holiday Island has been collecting assessments and tax on for years even decades! Its a fair request to expect some safety in return. Thank you.


Living in danger,

H.I. resident,

Dee Landerman