Effort was a constant for GF all year

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Green Forest basketball season came to an end last week, but coaches Brandon Stone and Kyle Farrar were very pleased with the effort each team played with throughout the season.

"Sometimes it's easy to quit, but these guys never did," Stone said. "They kept battling when things weren't going their way, no matter what. You can always walk away with your head held high."

Farrar said he knows this wasn't the kind of year the Lady Tigers were hoping to have, but he knows he saw improvements from his team as the year went on.

"Everyone looks at the final score and our final record (5-22), but it's not about that," Farrar said. "We just couldn't close a few games out. It's a completely different feeling for the kids if we are able to close a few of those out this year."

Stone will be looking to replace 10 seniors on a team that finished 4-24. He has coached this group since the seventh grade and will miss them greatly.

"This is the first group of guys I have coached from the start of their seventh grade year to now," Stone said. "They are a great group of high character guys. I am going to miss them a lot."

Stone might be looking to add a few players to next year's team, but Farrar and the Lady Tigers have plenty coming back.

"We only lose two kids," Farrar said. "The kids that are coming back, they haven't been in situations of closing games out. They have to realize they can play four quarters of basketball. That is what we will be working on."

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