Schools honor board members

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Carroll County schools will be showing their appreciation for school board members this January in honor of School Board Recognition Month. Board members serve their districts with no financial compensation, so students and staff are doing what they can to show their thanks for the countless hours of work board members put in each year.


Superintendent Owen Powell said a big goal of the Berryville School District this month is getting out word to the community that it is School Board Recognition Month.

"Being a school board member is one of those jobs that's not always appreciated," Powell said, "so we want to make sure our board members know that our district is grateful for all that they do."

He said each of the four school buildings will hold a writing contest this month with the prompt "Why being a school board member is important." He said the purpose of the contest is to have students learn about the roles of the job and thank the school board members for what they do.

"There will be one winner from each building, and they will be at the January board meeting to show their appreciation to the board members," Powell said.

He said certificates of appreciation will be presented to the school board members, and a dinner will be held for them before the meeting begins.

Powell said he recognizes how challenging the job of a board member can be and is grateful for the role the Berryville School Board plays in the district.

"They have a challenging job. Their decisions affect what goes on at our schools and with our students, teachers and staff," he said. "It's a very important job. There's no compensation, but they spend hundreds of hours each year going to board meetings, school events and training,"

Powell concluded, "We want them to know that our schools recognize all the work they do for our district."

Eureka Springs

Superintendent Bryan Pruitt said he is thankful for the Eureka Springs School Board and credits them with making sure the district provides the best education possible for its students.

"We've got a great school board at Eureka," Pruitt said. "I like working with them. They're all very conscious and good constituents of our district. They're really good to work with."

He noted that all of the board members had travelled to Little Rock this December for the annual school board conference.

"They always get their hours and try to stay abreast of all the upcoming laws and changes in education," Pruitt said. "They're all very aware of policy and make sure we follow our policy."

He said that was one of the main things the school board does is ensure that the district adheres to policy on everything, particularly in regards to administrative duties.

Pruitt said the district will be recognizing board member Chris McClung at its Tuesday meeting for completing the required hours to be an Outstanding Board Member for 2016.

Overall, he said it is a pleasure for him to work with the Eureka Springs School Board.

"They're all well-informed, and they're there for the right reason," Pruitt said. "They're there for the students and the school."

Green Forest

Superintendent Matt Summers said the Green Forest School District is recognizing its board members by putting them front and center on both the school website and the school's digital sign on the square.

"We've put photos of all of our board members with their names on the website and the digital sign on the square," Summers said, "so that the community can have the opportunity to thank them for their work."

He said the administration will also be cooking dinner for the Green Forest School Board at the next board meeting.

"There are a lot of things happening at all of the buildings as well," Summers said. "Some teachers have their students write 'thank you' letters. Our art teachers have worked on projects for the board members in the past. It's hard to say what all is going on for sure until we step into that board meeting and see."

He said it is important for the district to show its appreciation for the board members because they have taken on a big job and get paid nothing for doing it.

"Anything we can do for them is good because of the time commitment they make to our schools and our kids," Summers said.

He continued, "Our school board is a hardworking group that sometimes makes some hard decisions. We're very appreciative of everything they do."

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