BV players earn all-conference honors

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Berryville football team built a foundation for success in 2016. Seniors Layne Chester, Jacob Graham, Andrew Scroggins and Justin Bredeson all helped lay this groundwork, along with juniors Charles Archer, Brady Smith and Devon Smith. The seven players were rewarded for their efforts by being named all-conference players.

All seven were glad to receive the award, but it's clear that the three returning players are ready to begin building the walls in 2017.

Graham, a senior running back, knows he would not have been able to achieve this accomplishment without his teammates helping him along the way.

"It was just great being out there on the field with my best friends for my last year and it was a great time," Graham said.

Playing in such a difficult conference, Chester knew it wouldn't be easy to get the recognition he did, but Chester, an offensive lineman, is glad his hard work paid off. He is also glad the Bobcats were able to get a conference win in his final season.

"It's a great feeling," Chester said. "Arguably the best feeling I have ever had is finally getting a conference win."

Scroggins was glad he got to go out and play with his teammates one final season.

"I just got to go out there and play with my buddies," Scroggins said. "It was a lot of fun."

Bredeson knew to achieve this award, he would have to play as hard as possible.

"It was a fun time and as a senior it was one last time to give it my all and I feel like I did that," Bredeson said.

Archer, a junior, is glad he won the award and he is optimistic about the future.

"We have a lot to build on going into my senior year," Archer said. "I led in tackles and had a great time being on offense and defense. I hope to build on creating a better brotherhood next year."

Brady Smith is a junior lineman and he said this year was about bringing back a winning tradition at Berryville.

"Our fans come out to watch us play night in and night out and we want to give them something to see," Brady Smith said. "Let them get their money's worth."

Junior tight end Devon Smith was proud of the season the Bobcats had this year, but he expects more next year.

"Hopefully next year, we will win a few more games," Devon Smith said. "If we work hard, we can do that."

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