We must act as better role models

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"If you are going to foul him, at least get your money's worth."

This is a quote that has no place in basketball, not even in the NBA. Sadly, I heard this at a high school basketball game earlier this week.

As many of you may know, the Green Forest, Berryville and Eureka Springs volleyball teams have students who serve as line judges for their matches. At a match earlier this year, the line judge ruled the ball was out of bounds and one of the fans from the other team yelled, "If you had adults doing this, the right call would have been made."

While sitting in the student section at Oklahoma State University, I was just as guilty as saying some of these things to players and officials, but I deeply regret it. After looking in the mirror, I realized that wasn't who I wanted to be as a fan, as it is a poor reflection on myself, my family and my institution.

In a time that our country is more divided than ever, sports are the one thing that can bring us together as a nation. To yell such vulgar comments at players, coaches and officials will only deepen the divide. Officials won't get every call right. Coaches won't always call the right play and players won't always make the right pass, but life will go on. The sun will rise tomorrow, no matter the outcome of a game.

I'm not saying everyone reading this spews these hateful remarks, but for those of you who are, I can tell you, it's not worth it. As someone who went to games as a fan and participated in the madness with the rest of the crowd, it sounded good at the time, but as someone who now goes to local events to observe, it sounds childish and immature.

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Ty Loftis is the sports editor for the Carroll County News. His email is CCNSports@cox-internet.com

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