Bobcats, Tigers running to state

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Berryville Bobcats and Green Forest Tiger cross country teams were both in action on Tuesday. Berryville ran in the 4A-1 district meet, while the Tigers ran in the Rogers Mountaineer Classic. Individual results from the 4A-1 district meet are as follows:

High School Boys: Huntsville won, scoring 36 points and Berryville finished third with 84 points. Shaed Cates of Pea Ridge won with a time of 18 minutes and 6 seconds. Berryville's Andrew Galicia finished third in 18:24, while teammates Carlos Carlos Garduno finished fourth in 18:25 and Sergio Escobar finished 14th in 19:41. Eduardo Rangel of Berryville finished 29th in 20:54, while teammates Jamos Warren finished 34th in 21:22 and Marcelo Garduno finished 44th in 22:25. Berryville's Curtis Worley finished 52nd in 23:28 and teammate Grant Lee finished 55th in 23:50.

High School Girls: Huntsville won with a score of 30 points and Berryville finished second with 35 points. Berenice Garcia of Gravette won with a time of 22 minutes and 16 seconds. Berryville's Samantha Preston finished third in 23:18, while teammates Mary-Kennedy Jackson finished sixth in 24:22 and Sarah Hale finished eighth in 25:05. Berryville's Nora Waller finished 11th in 25:30, while teammates Karen Leon finished 13th in 25:51 and Cecilia Flores finished 18th in 27:30. Hope Braziel of Berryville finished 19th in 27:42, while teammates Hannah Stewart finished 22nd in 28:02 and Jimena Aguinaga finished 26th in 28:53. Berryville's Trinity Rains finished 29th in 29:48, while teammates Briana Apolinar finished 41st in 38:10 and Chanci Walker finished 42nd in 38:59.

Junior High: Berryville finished second in the boys race, finishing one point behind Pea Ridge for first. Berryville's Braden Scrivner won with a time of 11 minutes and 54 seconds. Berryville's Alex Lemus finished seventh in 12:31, while teammates Denver Knapp finished 10th in 12:50 and Austin Escobar finished 13th in 13:11. Berryville's Harley Titsworth finished 16th in 13:21, while teammates Jenson Gomez finished 17th in 13:22 and Reese Johnson finished 18th in 13:25.

The Lady Bobcats finished second as well. Berryville's Lucy Reyes finished second in 13:50, while teammates Sarah Pruente finished fifth in 14:29 and Kirah Law finished 11th in 15:24. Individual results for the Rogers Mountaineer Classic are as follows:

High School Boys: Green Forest won, scoring 22 points and Patrick Hunter of Green Forest won the race with a time of 17 minutes and 4 seconds. Green Forest's Rafael Rosales finished second in 17:44, while teammates Rhett Williamson finished third in 17:59 and Gabriel Ramos finished seventh in 18:52. Jose Lozano of Green Forest finished 11th in 19:14, while his teammates Matthew Hansen finished 13th in 19:23 and Carlos Lemus finished 17th in 19:47. Tono Mendez finished 19th in 19:59, while David Nelson finished 26th in 20:35 and Jose Mendez finished 36th in 20:52. Green Forest's Alex Cenobio finished 40th in 21:25, while teammates Jordan Chuc finished 52nd in 22:16 and David Aguinaga finished 55th in 22:34. Green Forest's Cesar Lopez finished 58th in 22:45.

High School Girls: DeQueen won, scoring 35 points and Green Forest finished second with 74 points. Prairie Grove's Bekah Bostain won with a time of 20 minutes and 10 seconds, while Green Forest's Lucy Rios finished 11th in 23:45 and teammate Jennifer Martinez finished 13th in 24:01. Yaritza Quintanilla finished 21st in 25:23, while teammates Margarita Vega finished 22nd in 25:37 and Belinda Pineda finished 24th in 25:49. Green Forest's Emily Bolen finished 33rd in 26:45, while teammates Jaxiry Martinez finished 37th in 27:41 and Andrea Lopez finished 40th in 28:18 and Rubi Perez finished 46th in 29:16.

Junior high: The boys finished ninth with 254 points. Ezekiel Calderon finished 26th in 11:34, while teammates Jake Lopez finished 46th in 11:52 and Brandon Hansen finished 72nd in 12:12. Green Forest's Colin Delavin finished 76th in 12:15, while Paco Rangel finished 121st in 12:51 and Jonathan Farris finished 124th in 12:52. The Green Forest girls didn't have enough runners to compete in the team standings, but Alejandra Lopez finished 128th in 16:14, while teammates Ruby-Corado Bustamante finished 147th in 16:57 and Alyson Bruegel finished 160th in 17:19. Green Forest's Michelle Lopez finished 204th in 19:05.

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