Berryville, Green Forest start fall football practice

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Monday marked the first official day of fall football practice and while Green Forest and Berryville continue striving to get better for the coming football season, both head coaches were just ready to get back on the field.

"We are very excited to get out there and get the season going," Berryville coach Austin Winters said. "The kids have been working hard all summer, but this is August. We only have three or four weeks before game-like stuff starts. We are excited to get going."

Green Forest coach Bobby Bishop said he didn't have as many players attend the first fall practice as he had hoped, but he felt it was a productive first day.

"I think some of the kids were excited to be out there, and we, as coaches, really were," Bishop said. "The turnout wasn't where I wanted it to be, but I felt like we got a lot done. We went over the fundamentals and got some learning in."

Bishop had 27 players on the first day of practice, compared with 52 in the spring. He isn't concerned about that, though.

"We have kids out of town and out of the country," Bishop said. "We had 52 kids in the spring and I'm hoping to keep 40. If we could get another 12 or 13 to get on board, I would be tickled to death."

Winters hopes to continue building on what the Bobcats were working on in the summer.

"A lot of it is just alignments and assignments and knowing what to do," Winters said.

While the Tigers focused on all aspects of the game, they wanted to focus mainly on offense.

"We did a lot of drill work," Bishop said. "We had a run segment and then a passing segment. We tossed the ball around quite a bit, ran about six plays in our team offensive period. Then we went on defense for about 30 minutes and worked on our kickoff and kickoff return game a little bit. It's just kind of an introduction."

After having most of the July camps get canceled because of rain, Winters said the Bobcats were even more excited to start practice.

"The kids are ready to go," Winters said. "They were a little upset because the camps got canceled last week and they are ready to get going. We are, too."

The season starts Friday, Sept. 2. Berryville hosts Decatur and Green Forest travels to Huntsville.

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