Camps teach younger players the basics

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It was camp week in Green Forest, as both the football and volleyball teams taught the younger kids the fundamentals of their respective sports.

Volleyball coach Trista Killingsworth said seeing all of the positive energy always gets her excited to start the season.

"It is great to have my senior high out here teaching these younger girls how to play the game," Killingsworth said. "And seeing all that energy they have, it rubs off on me and gets me ready for the season."

For football coach Bobby Bishop, it's a time to get the younger kids involved in football.

"These kinds of things is what it's all about," Bishop said. "Getting out there and getting the kids excited about football at a young age."

Killingsworth added that she hopes the camp will influence a lot of the girls to start playing volleyball.

"I think this camp can pay off," Killingsworth said. "Hopefully we can get a lot of them to start playing and enjoying it."

Bishop echoed that sentiment.

"We didn't have as many as we wanted out there this year, but you can tell it's something they are enjoying," Bishop said. "As coaches, we always enjoy putting it on."

Green Forest hosts the football and volleyball camp every year during the last week of July. Anybody in Carroll County is encouraged to participate.

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