Is Rio ready for next week

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

We are a week away from finding out how prepared Rio De Janeiro really is for the Olympics. We know that the country has its troubles with the zika virus. It has been documented that Rio De Janeiro was going to clean up its waters, not only for the sailors to sail in, but for the people to drink from. This hasn't happened and it won't happen in time for the Games to begin. Olympic athletes are being told to keep their mouths closed anytime they are in contaminated waters. Easy enough for the sailing team, right?

The question begs, do NBC and the other major networks covering the Olympics ignore the issue, or cover it for what it really is? More importantly, how do we prevent this from happening again? When the International Olympic Committee (IOC) gave the Olympics to Rio De Janeiro, the committee let the city know it had issues to fix, but Rio De Janeiro pledged to fix the issues. That was seven years ago. It was clear then and it is clear now that the only thing the IOC is concerned about is making as much money as possible. Rio De Janeiro offered the IOC the most money of all of the cities that bid for the 2016 Olympics. When Olympians hear which site is hosting the next Olympics, they should not have to wonder if it will be a safe place for them to compete. There is only so much that can be done about the zika virus. I understand that, but to ignore something that you said you would fix years ago is inexcusable. The IOC should be holding Rio de Janeiro accountable, but instead the committee is looking the other way and looking ahead to the next Olympics. The IOC is in desperate need of a regime change. Until we see that change, athletes will continue to suffer and the IOC will continue making money.

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Ty Loftis is the Sports Editor for the Carroll County News. His email address is CCNSports

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