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Samantha Jones is associate editor for Carroll County Newspapers. Her email address is CCNNews@cox-internet.com

Woman against Trump

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

In news that will surprise no one, Donald Trump is a trending topic again. You've probably heard about Trump. He's got small hands, great hair and is the former host of "Celebrity Apprentice." Oh, he's also running for president of the United States.

It can be easy to pretend that last part isn't true, because his only real credential so far is his ability to relate to Gary Busey on a personal level. OK, that is probably just what I believe to be a redeeming quality. To be fair, Busey is a handful and Trump handled his antics as well as anyone could have expected. I'm suddenly realizing that maybe I watch a little too much reality TV. Trump helped me figure this out in a roundabout way, so there's another good thing about him. He's looking more presidential by the minute!

Unfortunately, I cannot vote for Trump. Even if I wanted to -- even if I supported his wackadoodle plan to build a wall separating the United States and Mexico. I am a woman. Trump does not like women very much. I am human, so I like people who like me back. For me, voting for Trump would be the equivalent of making 40 mix CDs for the guy who dumped me before my senior year of high school and continued to insist that he did not want to be with me until graduation. That's a hypothetical situation, if you're wondering. It definitely did not happen to me.

Luckily for Trump, there are other women who do not feel this way. These women created several trending hashtags over the weekend, including #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet, #WomenforTrump and #BabesforTrump. If you're brave enough to click on some of these tweets, you'll see photos of scantily clad women wearing Trump gear. One of the most telling images features a woman in a very small bikini holding a Trump mug and wearing a hat that reads "Make America Great Again."

Some people might argue that this means Trump doesn't hate women. If multiple ladies are willing to take photos wearing his gear, they'll say, then it's possible Trump has more support from women than crazy liberals like me are willing to admit. The trending nature of these hashtags does show some female support for Trump, but it's not the type of support many other women could get behind.

Trump has spent much of his campaign -- and his life, if we're being honest -- judging a woman's worth by her appearance. He has repeatedly bragged about how "hot" his wife Melania is, and he's made especially creepy comments about how his daughter is so attractive he'd date her if they weren't related. He's also attacked other women involved in the campaign, including Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi, and Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

One of his most disparaging comments targeted Carly Fiorina, who ran against him in the Republican primaries before dropping out. "Look at that face," he said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?" In Trump's mind, Fiorina isn't worth anything unless she resembles a model. Think about that. This man who has a 50 percent chance at being our next president believes a woman's appearance says more about her than her intelligence, wit or experience.

And now we have women expressing support for Trump who are highlighting how physically attractive they are. To be clear, I completely support women expressing pride in how they look. I think it's wonderful to be happy with who you are, and part of that is based on how you look. But these women aren't saying why they support Trump. They haven't noted any of Trump's policy or plans, outside of his ridiculous idea to build a huge wall to keep immigrants out of America.

Like Trump's campaign, these trending hashtags are all about the flash. I'll give the women behind it some credit. They are certainly getting attention for the Trump campaign. Now if they could draw attention to why they support Trump ... well, that would be great.

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Samantha Jones is associate editor for Carroll County Newspapers. Her email address is Citizen.Editor.Eureka@gmail.com.