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Friday, April 29, 2016

Gravette hosted the 4A-1 District track meet on Wednesday. Below is a list of how all Berryville athletes did.

Boys 100-meter dash: Jacob Graham finished 16th at 12.05, while Wyatt Poe finished 18th at 12.15 and Justin Bredeson finished 23rd at 12.33. Jordan Burrell finished 26th at 12.45.

Girls 100-meter dash: Juanita Vilatoro finished ninth at 13.68, while Makayla Hussey finished 13th at 14.07 and Mary-Kennedy Jackson finished 17th at 14.47.

Boys 200-meter dash: Justin Bredeson finished 11th at 25.17, while Jacob Graham finished 17th at 25.63 and Jordan Burrell finished 18th at 25.64. Wyatt Poe finished 20th at 25.89.

Girls 200-meter dash: Juanita Vilatoro finished fourth at 28.62, while Leslie Tellez finished 16th at 32.11 and Ashtyn Ballard finished 17th at 32.93.

Boys 400-meter dash: Ethan King finished fifth at 56.69 and Kelby Howerton finished 13th at 1:00.84.

Girls 400-meter dash: Krystal Alvarado finished 13th at 1:18.47.

Boys 800-meter run: Jonathon Wood finished second at 2:12.09, while Oliver Perez finished third at 2:12.98 and Andrew Galicia finished 16th at 2:29.59.

Girls 800-meter run: Samantha Preston finished sixth at 2:57.07 and Nora Waller finished 10th at 3:04.52.

Boys 1,600-meter run: Oliver Perez won at 5:07.99, while Andrew Galicia finished third at 5:15.00 and Dakota Hurt finished seventh at 5:29.07. Elijah Smith finished 14th at 6:01.03.

Girls 1,600-meter run: Melanie Berinstein finished sixth at 7:17.88 and Cecilia Flores finished seventh at 7:30.19.

Boys 3,200-meter run: Oliver Perez won at 11:12.82, while Andrew Galicia finished second at 11:20.91 and Dakota Hurt finished eighth at 12:05.97.

Girls 3,200-meter run: Nobody from Berryville competed in this event.

Boys 110-meter hurdles: Brandon Kruzan won at 16.15, while Cesar Martinez finished 10th at 19.99 and Luke Britt finished 13th at 21.03.

Girls 100-meter hurdles: Maryn Jones finished third at 17.55 and Leslie Tellez finished 12th at 22.21.

Boys 300-meter hurdles: Brandon Kruzan finished third at 44.77 and Cesar Martinez finished 14th at 51.95.

Girls 300-meter hurdles: Maryn Jones finished fifth at 56.06.

Boys 4x100-meter relay: Berryville finished sixth at 48.42.

Girls 4x100-meter relay: Berryville finished fifth at 58.17.

Boys 4x400-meter relay: Berryville finished fifth at 3:49.91.

Girls 4x400-meter relay: Berryville finished sixth at 5:06.97.

Boys 4x800-meter relay: Berryville finished third at 8:57.37.

Girls 4x800-meter relay: Berryville finished fourth at 11:30.50.

Boys Discus Throw: Miguel Martinez finished fourth at 111-2.

Girls Discus Throw: No Berryville athlete competed in this event.

Boys Shot Put: Miguel Martinez won at 46-10 and Garrett Record finished 13th at 36-1.

Girls Shot Put: No Berryville athlete competed in this event.

Boys Pole Vault: Ethan King finished fourth at 10-6.

Girls Pole Vault: No Berryville athlete competed in this event.

Boys High Jump: Timmond Turner won at 6-0.

Girls High Jump: No Berryville athlete competed in this event.

Boys Long Jump: Jacob Graham finished sixth at 17-11, while Timmond Turner finished 11th at 17-9 and Cole Parton finished 15th at 17-2.

Girls Long Jump: Juanita Vilatoro finished seventh at 13-10.

Boys Triple Jump: Timmond Turner finished second at 39-8, while Charlie Archer finished eighth at 37-4 and Rhett Hill finished 15th at 34-5.

Girls Triple Jump: Maryn Jones finished fourth at 30-9 and Juanita Vilatoro finished sixth at 30-2.

Berryville will compete at the state tournament next Tuesday in Nashville.

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