Students show their skills in BV art show

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Artwork created by Berryville students filled the Old Rock Gym last week during the Berryville High School's annual art show.

Held on April 6 and 7, the show featured drawings, paintings, sculptures and pottery. Art teachers Paige Huffman and Boone Hooker explained that the event showcased projects students had worked on in class throughout the year. The art displayed, Hooker said, demonstrated various styles and techniques.

"In some of the ink drawings, for example, we explored cross-hatching, and the students learned how you can get different shades of gray depending on how close or far apart the lines are in the picture," Hooker said.

Huffman pointed out a series of pictures containing the same image in a variety of colors. Those pieces, Huffman said, were the result of a printmaking project.

"Students carved images into linoleum tiles and made a series of pieces by dipping that single carving into different paints or inks and pressing it against the paper," Huffman said.

The art show has a big impact on students, Hooker noted, because it gives them a chance to be recognized for their artwork from their friends, family and community.

"For some students, this is the only time people see their work outside of the classroom," Hooker said. "People will check out their art and tell them how talented they are. It's great to have these students hear that from more than just their art teachers."

Huffman said she mainly teaches entry-level art, so the art show provides her an opportunity to see the progress students have made each year.

"It's really rewarding for me to see how these students have grown," Huffman said. "Every year I'm blown away by how well they have sharpened their skills."

Several Berryville seniors helped set up this year's art show as part of their Capstone project. Berryville senior Kyla Wilson said part of the Capstone project is a service component that requires students to find ways to give back to the community. The art show, she said, is a great way to do that.

"We put a lot of thought into how we arranged the tables and hung the pictures. We tried to show off these students' work in the best way possible because we want everyone to appreciate the art like we do," Wilson said.

The seniors even helped advertise the event, she said, through radio ads and social media.

"We put a focus on social media since we figured people our age would be more likely to see the advertisement there," Wilson said.

With the help of students like Wilson, Huffman said the art show has grown bigger every year. Some students have sold their art at the event in the past, Huffman noted, though most have chosen to keep the pieces or give them to family members.

Hooker added that the event has begun to draw more students into art classes.

"The show has kind of established itself," Hooker said. "Kids look forward to it each spring. They come to our classrooms asking about the show and wanting to get involved in the art program. It's been incredible."

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